XenApp or XenDesktop: Which is Right for You?, a video from BriForum 2011

Desktop virtualization is all the rage but unfortunately many people think of desktop virtualization as only VDI.

(this was originally posted in August, 2011)


Presented by: Daniel Feller

Desktop virtualization is all the rage but unfortunately many people think of desktop virtualization as only VDI. In fact, many people would be as successful (or more) if they used the XenApp/RDS model (hosted shared desktops) instead of a VDI desktop. This session is focused on trying to come up with the deciding factors to allow you to pick the best solution, and not the one that Citrix wants you to pick. Some of the justifications are technical, some are business related and others are political, just like a typical IT environment.


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hi team

i am unable to watch this video on any browser from any device.  please advise.


To be honest, I think this video is not a fair comparison between XenDesktop and XenApp. More than half of the time, Daniel Feller is talking about how you can make XenApp look like XenDesktop (or Windows Server 2008R2 like Windows 7).

It's pretty clear, that for a large share of users XenApp (Hosted Shared Desktops) is sufficient. But I think in almost every organisation there is a need for real desktops based on Windows 7 (at least for 10-20% of the users).

Now, if you want to centralize the Desktop Infrastructure and no longer support FAT Clients, there is no way to go without XenDesktop (or another VDI solution). XenApp might be a reasonable supplement, but the question is also about complexity: Does is make sense for an SMB customer to manage two environments (XenDesktop and XenApp)? I don't think so!

If you look at large enterprises there is no question: Most of the task workers can use XenApp and a smaller percentage would go with XenDesktop.


I agree with Volker. XenApp hosted desktop implementation is obvious in the large environment.

I think everywants to like the xendesktop dedicated machines but everything boils down to the cost and storage.

I had a client who changed their project plan from xendesktop to published desktops because of cost.