Windows IOPS Deep Dive: What IOPS Means to You and Why You Can’t Do VDI Without Knowing About Them

What are IOPS? How do you measure them, and why does Windows 7 need so many?

(this was originally posted in August, 2011)


Presented by: Jim Moyle

In this extremely technical session, Jim will dive deep into the guts of the Windows 7 disk system and cover the following topics and questions:

  • What are IOPS? How do you measure them, and why does Windows 7 need so many?   
  • What aspects of Windows 7 are the main culprits?   
  • What tools will help you see inside the disk subsystem? What happens when you share these resources?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of various storage solutions: SSD, SATA ,SAN, PCI-E cards, software   
  • What happens when you add antivirus into the mix, as well as backup and inventory agents? 
  • How to solve the problem of sizing for IOPS mathematically
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I'd like to watch that brilliant video on my TV set. Is there a downloadable version instead of the stream ?