Unifying Presentation Virtualization, VDI & Teradici PCoIP (Sponsored by Ericom), BriForum 2008

Learn more about Ericom's Presentation Virtualization (SBC) and Desktop Virtualization (VDI) solution, PowerTerm WebConnect.

This is a video of a breakout session from BriForum 2008.

Session Description: Learn more about Ericom’s Presentation Virtualization (SBC) and Desktop Virtualization (VDI) solution, PowerTerm WebConnect. As a unified solution, supporting both Terminal Services and Virtual Desktops – PowerTerm enables organizations to leverage the benefits of a blended solution. During this session, we’ll discuss the challenges of traditional desktop computing and how these are addressed by PowerTerm’s virtualization features. Furthermore, we’ll discuss how PowerTerm WebConnect manages Teradici devices with PC-over-IP for the best possible remote desktop experience. With Ericom’s PowerTerm WebConnect, organizations can centrally manage and deploy applications and virtual desktops with a single application.

During this session we’ll discuss:

  • Traditional Desktop Computing and its Challenges
  • Why Virtualization?
  • Publishing applications and desktops within virtual desktops
  • Creating and managing virtual desktop pools
  • Blade PCs with Teradici-enabled device support for advanced remote graphics display, USB support, two-way audio
  • Overview of free PowerTerm WebConnect versions for Windows Server 2008 and VDI with Oracle VM

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