The Consumerization of IT, a video from BriForum 2011

The most visible aspect of "consumerization" is "BYOC," but, it goes so much more beyond bringing iPads or MacBooks into the office.

(this was originally posted in August, 2011)


Presented by: Brian Madden

There's been a lot of talk about the "consumerization" of IT—the idea that individuals can make their own IT choices rather than follow the demands of the central IT department. The most visible aspect of this today is “BYOC,” but, it goes so much more beyond bringing iPads or MacBooks into the office.

The most important part of IT consumerization lies with the increasing number of rank-and-file end users that are more computer-savvy than ever. These users not only know what work they need to do, but also HOW they need to do it. An organization is no longer able to dictate exactly what software and processes are used to complete a task and expect a user to blindly fall in line. Road blocks such as policies and DLP solutions all have workarounds, and when one user discovers a workaround, so do all the rest.

In this session by Brian Madden, you'll learn about the trend of the consumerization of IT. You'll hear about situations where organizations are losing control without even knowing it. Using Gmail to archive all email messages against company policy, for instance, storing and sharing internal data via an unencrypted Dropbox rather than using an invasive client-side VPN, or using 3G wireless cards to bypass perimeter web security. If your users can't do what they want working with IT, they are more and more capable (and willing) to go around IT altogether.

Fortunately, there are technologies available to enable this transition, including desktop virtualization, VDI, app virtualization, and client-based VMs. Attend this lively and energetic session to help get a grip on the entire situation and take back control of your IT.


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