The All New, Totally Redone, Windows 2008 R2 Logon Process Chart, a video from BriForum 2009

This is the all new, totally revamped logon process chart for Windows 2008 R2.

Presented by Brian Madden, Industry Analyst and Blogger and Kevin Goodman, CEO, RTO Software

This is the all new, totally revamped logon process chart for Windows 2008 R2. In this session, Brian Madden and Kevin Goodman document the steps of a logon to a Windows 2008 R2 Server all the way from a successful credentials negotiation to the displaying of a published application (RemoteApp). Each step will be described in detail, including how virtual channels, user profiles, and user sessions are initialized. The chart has been totally redone and is in an easier to read format. Even if you have seen previous charts you must attend this session.

We'll be featuring several videos from BriForum 2009 each week leading up to BriForum. All videos from past BriForums are available at, or you can click here to see just the BriForum 2009 videos.

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The video too keeps on bufferring continuously.


Where can i get the new Chart


Great Chart

one update.....the more details you put the more lengthy its gonna you could probably lay it out in columns like you mentioned in the video. after a certain length go to the next column so that i can still print it and put it on my wall.