NFuse 1.5x and 1.6x Considerations - Citrix MetaFrame XP

Because MetaFrame XP includes NFuse 1.51, Feature Release 1 includes NFuse 1.

Because MetaFrame XP includes NFuse 1.51, Feature Release 1 includes NFuse 1.6, and Citrix Secure Gateway includes NFuse 1.61, there is a good chance that you might have an older version of NFuse running in your MetaFrame XP server farm before you decide to install NFuse 1.7.

Because of this, we'll take a look at two things. First, we'll look at the features of NFuse 1.7 that are not available in previous versions to help you determine if you really want to upgrade. Then, we'll look at what happens when you install NFuse 1.7 onto a web server that already has NFuse 1.51 or 1.6x installed, and what you need to prepare for.

New features available in NFuse 1.7

If you read Citrix's marketing literature about NFuse 1.7, you will see that it includes several new features. However, the structure of NFuse 1.7 is fundamentally no different from any previous version. The NFuse Java Objects perform the same role that they always have.

The "advanced" features of NFuse 1.7 stem from two areas:

  • NFuse 1.7 supports Feature Release 2 for MetaFrame XP
  • The default NFuse web pages are much more advanced than with previous versions of NFuse.

New Features Based on Feature Release 2

We said earlier that NFuse doesn't really do anything, other than provide a web / Java interface into the MetaFrame XP environment. That same logic applies with NFuse 1.7 as well. The only reason that NFuse 1.7 supports most of its advanced features is because MetaFrame XP with Feature Release 2 supports those features. In order for these features to work, you must have Feature Release 2 installed and enabled in your MetaFrame XP server farm.

With Feature Release 2 installed, NFuse 1.7 supports the following features that are not supported in NFuse 1.6x:

  • Smart Card Support. Users can seamlessly log onto MetaFrame XP servers with smart cards.
  • TLS encryption. ICA sessions can be encrypted with transport layer security.

New Features Based on Advanced Default Web Pages

The default web pages that come with NFuse 1.7 have been completely overhauled from previous versions. These web pages support many new features. Again, these features do not exist because the NFuse Java Objects have been radically overhauled (because they haven't). These features exist only because someone at Citrix spent a lot of time writing the default web pages.

  • NFuse administrative web pages. The administrative web pages that were referenced so often throughout this chapter are a new feature of NFuse 1.7.
  • Enhanced network address translation and SOCKS proxy support. NFuse 1.7 supports more firewall options than ever. These topics are discussed in detail in Chapter 15.
  • Pass-through authentication. Pass-through authentication that was previously available only on Win32 clients is now available via NFuse. See Chapter 15 for more details.
  • Users can change their passwords. Previously, this required third party add-ons.
  • Load balanced XML requests. The NFuse Java Objects can now step through the server list in a round robin manner.
  • Embedded application control. The embedded application options are new features of NFuse 1.7.
  • Automatic delivery of the ICA Win32 web client. Instead of merely providing a download link, NFuse 1.7 can fully install the ICA client.

Upgrading from NFuse 1.51 or Newer to NFuse 1.7

There are two ways that you can upgrade from NFuse 1.51 or NFuse 1.6 to NFuse 1.7. You can upgrade NFuse along with other MetaFrame XP components as you install Service Pack 2 or Feature Release 2, or you can upgrade NFuse all by itself by choosing to install just the new web server extensions.

If you install NFuse 1.7 by using the Feature Release 2 or Service Pack 2 installation program, your old NFuse configuration files (NFuse.conf or will be automatically backed up in the %ProgramFiles%\Citrix\NFuse\BackedUpBy17\ folder. Any existing settings are then migrated from the old configuration files into the new NFuse 1.7 NFuse.conf file. On the other hand, if you upgrade to NFuse 1.7 by only installing NFuse, you are prompted for a directory to back up your existing files.

In either case, if you spent a lot of time customizing your old NFuse web pages, you will need to decide whether to customize the new NFuse 1.7 web pages. Any web pages that you created from NFuse 1.51 environments will not know how to take advantage of the new NFuse 1.7 features, such as the use of the NFuse.conf file. You will need to create new pages from the default NFuse 1.7 pages. Any pages that you created for NFuse 1.6 environments, however, should continue to function in NFuse 1.7.


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