Microsoft's Gateway Services for Netware - Citrix MetaFrame XP

Gateway Services for NetWare (GSNW) is a Microsoft tool that allows you to permanently map drives to NetWare volumes that are available to all users on a server.

Gateway Services for NetWare (GSNW) is a Microsoft tool that allows you to permanently map drives to NetWare volumes that are available to all users on a server. These drives appear to the users as local server drives. In most cases, the users do not even realize that the drives are not local to the MetaFrame XP server.

Gateway Services for NetWare works in a similar way to standard network drive mapping. When you create a regular mapping to a network drive on a MetaFrame XP server, the drive mapping is only available for the session (and the user profile) where it is mapped. For example, if you log on to a MetaFrame XP server and map the F: drive to the \\nov1\applications\data share, that F: drive will only be available in your user session. Other users won't see it at all. In fact, they could map their own F: drives to a totally different network location.

However, if you use Gateway Services for NetWare, you can configure a "gateway" to a network share, such as \\nov1\applications\data. This gateway is accessible locally on the MetaFrame XP server via a drive letter for all of your users in every session. To your users, the mapped drive will appear as a local drive.

Network drive gateways work well when you have some critical data on a NetWare server that you need to provide access to in cases where your users do not have NetWare accounts.

Advantages of Gateway Services for NetWare

  • Seamless access to NetWare data for your users.
  • Users do not need NetWare accounts.
  • No account password synchronization issues.
  • You can configure different permissions on the gateway, so that only some users are permitted to access it. This is similar to setting NTFS permissions on a local drive.

Disadvantages of Gateway Services for NetWare

  • The performance of GSNW is less than stellar.
  • From the NetWare standpoint, all users access the gateway share via the same account.
  • A server list is only obtained from the first NetWare server that GSNW attaches to, requiring proper SAP routing in your NetWare environment to access all NetWare servers.

Configuration of Gateway Services for NetWare

You install GSNW the same way that you do any networking client. Once you install Gateway Services for NetWare, a new icon called "GSNW" will appear in the control panel. You can use this icon to configure the NetWare gateway and the client services settings. (Client settings are covered in the next section.)

To configure the gateway, you can follow this simple procedure:

  1. Install the NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS compatible protocol on each MetaFrame XP server that you want to use to access NetWare shares.
  2. Install GSNW (Control Panel | Network | Install | Client | Add | Gateway (and Client) Services for NetWare).
  3. Create a group on the NetWare server or in NDS called "NTGATEWAY."
  4. Create a user account and grant it access to the resources that you would like to be available through the gateway.
  5. Add the user account to the NTGATEWAY group.
  6. Configure GSNW via the GSNW icon in the control panel. Click "Gateway" and check the "Enable Gateway" box. Add the name and password of the NDS or bindery account that you just created.
  7. Specify a share name and drive letter that the MetaFrame XP users will use to access the NetWare drive.
  8. Configure the maximum number of users, if you want. This number has nothing to do with licensing.


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