Computing Architectures, from BriForum 2007

This session covers 50 years of computing architectures.

This is a video of a breakout session from BriForum 2007, presented by Tim Mangan.

Session Description: This session covers 50 years of computing architectures. After attending this session you will better understand the different approaches taken to providing applications to users and, importantly, the relation between the multiple competing "futures" out there and how they all fit together, including Server-Based, Web, Hosted Application, and Virtualized.

Why attend: You can't understand where you are going if you don't understand where you have been. Practical? Maybe not, but after this you will better understand which other sessions you want to attend, as well as enable yourself to impress customer CTOs and KIOs (Know-it-alls) about why they are doing the things they don’t really understand either.

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