Application Management

  • VMware ThinApp helper configuration utility

    VMware ThinApp, former know as Thinstall, offers functions that other Application Virtualization solutions cannot offer. It is no problem for Thinstalled applications to be executed within a few seconds on a workstation, where no client is installed...  Continue Reading

  • Thinstall + Wine = Windows apps without Windows?

    At my training class in Brisbane last month, one of the students, Sharin Yeoh, demoed Microsoft Office 2007 running locally on a Linux desktop via Thinstall packages on Wine. My inner geek response was "This is the coolest thing I've ever seen!"  Continue Reading

  • User Workspace Management with RES PowerFuse

    User workspace management with RES PowerFuseIntroductionLarge software suppliers are so focused on the management and maintenance of ICT systems that they tend to forget the other important half, the user side, of this management. Users would like ...  Continue Reading

  • Take 2: VDI for the ASP Market

    Introduction Application Service Providers(ASPs) provide customers with a hosted application solution.Although many may have thought that the ASP market died in 2001, it has managed to hang in there and is surviving if not thriving in some cases.  Continue Reading