Exclusive: Brian Madden's video interview with VMware Desktop CTO Scott Davis

Last week I sat down with VMware's desktop CTO Scott Davis (blog | twitter) for an hour to discuss VMware's desktop strategy. Scott joined VMware three years ago, although he's only been in the desktop CTO role for about six months. In this interview, we talked about his background, VMware View's current traction and future plans, and how VMware approaches the desktop. We also discussed many specific technology components, including desktop storage and disk image management, profile management, ThinApp, PC-over-IP, client hypervisors, offline VMs, and employee-own PCs.

This is the first ever "real" interview I've done. Despite reading a lot of books and websites about proper lighting, I definitely screwed this up a bit. I initially had the cameras configured perfectly, but then at the last minute decided to zoom out a bit since we didn't have a camera operator and I didn't want either of us to move out of frame. Unfortunately doing so meant that the auto exposure feature of the camera compensated for the extra black background by dialing-up the exposure, thus over exposing (and washing out) Scott's face. We tried to fix that the best we could in software later, but of course the damage was done. So Scott and everyone: please accept my apologies for what looks like harsh lighting. I promise that was not the effect we were going for.

Also, thanks to Gabe for painstakingly editing together the final videos. We shot this with multiple cameras, and Gabe played the whole thing through afterward to sequence the proper cameras depending on who was talking. Doing this did NOT cut out any content, and actually the audio you hear is the entire audio from one camera. (In other words, this interview went straight through without any cuts.) The only editing was for the camera angles.

So please enjoy the conversation and share your thoughts below regarding your views on VMware's plans. Tomorrow we'll post my interview with Citrix's desktop CTO Harry Labana.

NOTE REGARDING VIDEO PLAYBACK: I think we've fixed the issues with the video playback, so I'm going to delete those comments so new readers can focus on the content-related stuff. But if you still have video playback issues, please post them.


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