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  • Graphing Citrix Session use with open source tools

    In this article, John Ferrel will show you how he used Python, Perl, and MRTG to create a script that builds a graph of active session usage on his Citrix server throughout the day. This is done without using the enterprise version of Citrix....
    by John Ferrell on January 31, 2006 : 51 comments , 21,010 views
  • Using Linux for Logging and Reporting in your Citrix Environment

    Do you need a simple way to track who and how often people are accessing your Citrix servers? If you have syslog servers in your environment, John Ferrell shows an easy way you can adopt them for use in your Citrix environment....
    by John Ferrell on May 16, 2005 : 2 comments , 14,426 views
  • Introduction to Scripting in MetaFrame Environments, from BriForum 2005

    This is a video of a breakout session from BriForum 2005. Session Description: Most of us Terminal Server and Citrix folks grew up administering servers, not writing software, so when it comes to writing scripts that interact with MetaFrame, we don't...
    by Brian Madden on April 11, 2005 : 0 comments , 2,228 views
  • VBScript to Report Application Usage via MFCOM

    This simple VBScript collects information about farm sessions via MFCOM and exports it to a database table. Then, with the help of Crystal Reports (or the reporting engine of your choice), information can be presented in a nice format....
    by Ravi Pannem on September 16, 2004 : 14 comments , 26,575 views
  • Scripting MetaFrame Data Store Printer Mapping

    This article, part of Ron Oglesby's "Scripting for Citrix MetaFrame" series, details a pair of scripts that you can use to dump all printer mappings from the IMA Data Store to a text file. A second script allows you to bulk import the mappings back into the data store....
    by Ron Oglesby on June 27, 2004 : 2 comments , 13,166 views
  • Basic KIX Login Script for Citrix Users

    This article, part of Ron Oglesby's "Scripting for MetaFrame" series, describes the basic best practices of using a KIX logon script in Citrix MetaFrame and Terminal Server environments....
    by Ron Oglesby on June 11, 2004 : 35 comments , 35,513 views
  • Writing a Script to take a MetaFrame Server Online or Offline

    This is the first article in Ron Oglesby's "Scripting for MetaFrame" series. This article details a set of scripts created to take a server offline by removing it's published applications and bring it back online by re-adding the applications....
    by Ron Oglesby on May 27, 2004 : 13 comments , 19,066 views