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  • How will Android’s new “Work” features affect enterprise mobility management?

    It’s been almost two weeks since Google announced that the next version of Android will have a new set of enterprise mobility management frameworks called Android Work , intended for devices that get used for both work and personal functions. (...
    by Jack Madden on July 08, 2014 : 0 comments , 5,910 views
  • BOOM! The end of Android fragmentation in the enterprise? Samsung contributes KNOX back to Android Open Source Project

    Yesterday at Google I/O Sundar Pichai, Google senior vice president of Android, Chrome, and Apps, announced that the next version of Android will finally get the enterprise mobility management enhancements we’ve been waiting for for years. While...
    by Jack Madden on June 26, 2014 : 0 comments , 6,477 views
  • Google and Symantec both just bought mobile email app vendors. What’s up with that?

    Two prominent mobile email app vendors were acquired this month: On May 19th Google acquired Divide , and on May 28th Symantec acquired NitroDesk , the makers of TouchDown. Both vendors provide secure manageable third-party Exchange ActiveSync clients...
    by Jack Madden on May 30, 2014 : 3 comments , 6,502 views
  • What if Google “got serious” with Android management? Meh, it wouldn’t matter!

    Most of the time when we talk about enterprise mobility management, we take the role of Android and Google for granted. The common knowledge (which was represented in my two recent articles covering the EMM platform market and the dual persona Android...
    by Jack Madden on April 22, 2014 : 2 comments , 5,206 views
  • Google ChromeBook + VDI/DaaS = Awesome! (Even for the enterprise!)

    I've been meaning to write about this for awhile, but with yesterday's announcement that Google & VMware are high-fiving each other over Horizon DaaS (Desktone) and ChromeBooks, I figured might as well jump in now. The idea they're pushing (and that...
    by Brian Madden on February 13, 2014 : 14 comments , 14,061 views
  • Is there a difference between Office "the platform" and Office "the document editor"?

    As Gabe and I have been writing our DaaS book , we've been talking quite a bit about the Windows desktop applications that companies need. Microsoft Office is usually on the top of that list—especially when it comes to enterprises. The reason enterprises...
    by Brian Madden on February 03, 2014 : 4 comments , 6,445 views
  • Comparing Google and HP Chromebooks: I get why people like them, but these things aren't ready for enterprise adoption...yet.

    When I last wrote about Chromebooks, I criticized the entire concept , asking why they even existed when there was such a gap between price and performance. Commenters (well, I think it was one snarky guy with multiple names, actually) laid into me about...
    by Gabe Knuth on December 04, 2013 : 6 comments , 8,586 views
  • Why are Chromebooks still a thing? Seriously…who uses these things?

    Over the past few weeks, I've noticed a lot more chatter about Chromebooks than I usually do. I've spent the last few years actively ignoring them after getting a bad taste in my mouth from the first batch of Chromebooks in 2011, so maybe that's finally...
    by Gabe Knuth on October 15, 2013 : 20 comments , 22,377 views
  • Google’s Chromebook Pixel as a play for the enterprise? It’s not so crazy.

    Yesterday, Google unveiled its rumored high-end netbook replacement—the Chromebook Pixel . While I haven’t gotten my hands on one yet, I was really impressed by the specs and apparent build quality. It’s the closest thing I’ve...
    by Justin Meisinger on February 22, 2013 : 12 comments , 5,165 views
  • Consumerization Nation #6: We discuss Google and Quickoffice, BriForum, and identity management

    Listen above or right click this link and select "Save link as..." to download the mp3 Thanks for listening to this week's Consumerization Nation. Here's what Colin and I talked about: Google Docs + Quickoffice: It's not about offline Google Docs (that...
    by Jack Madden on June 07, 2012 : 0 comments , 650 views
  • Consumerization Nation #2: Colin Steele and Jack Madden discuss Google Drive, MMS, and Windows Intune

    Listen above or right click this link and select "Save link as..." to download the mp3 There was a lot to talk about this week on Consumerization Nation. Here's what we covered: Google Drive and whether or not it's awesome Windows Intune and its mobile...
    by Jack Madden on April 26, 2012 : 0 comments , 1,182 views
  • Google Drive represents the future. Unfortunately that future is really far away.

    You probably heard that Google entered the cloud-based file sync race yesterday by releasing Google Drive . At first glance, Google Drive seems to be a head-on competitor to services like Dropbox or Box, but after reading the announcement it looks like...
    by Brian Madden on April 26, 2012 : 8 comments , 21,232 views
  • Google launches "Chrome Remote Desktop," full desktop sharing via Chrome. What does this mean?

    On Friday Google launched the public beta of the "Google Remote Desktop" extension for the Chrome browser. This extension allows one computer to remote control another, all done via Chrome extensions on both ends. We first learned that Google was working...
    by Brian Madden on October 10, 2011 : 6 comments , 20,144 views
  • I got a Chromebook (and I might return it!). Here's my review:

    Last week, I received the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook with 3G. I've since opened it, played with it, and packed it back up in its box while I figure out what to do with it. It worked ok, but I came away as uninspired as ever when it comes to things that...
    by Gabe Knuth on June 22, 2011 : 8 comments , 29,508 views
  • Why Android thin clients will rule

    One of the most exciting things I hope we'll see very soon is thin client devices running Android . I'm not talking about Android netbooks or tablets, rather, I'm interested in an honest-to-goodness legitimate desktop thin client that runs...
    by Brian Madden on March 22, 2011 : 14 comments , 14,476 views
  • Google Chrome: A browser to help web apps replace Windows desktop apps?

    Yesterday Google launched a beta of a new web browser they're calling "Chrome." (Windows only at this time, with Mac and Linux in the works.) Most peoples' initial response is "Oh great, ANOTHER browser to deal with!" But Google is saying "No no! This is not just another browser." With Chrome, Google is starting from scratch and creating an [open source] web browser for this decade that's more appropriately designed for today's environment....
    by Brian Madden on September 03, 2008 : 17 comments , 8,259 views
  • Will Google affect the future of server-based computing?

    If our future includes ubiquitous Internet connections and massive back-end computing grids that can be accessed from anywhere, Google is in a very good position to deliver this technology to us. This is the ultimate in server-based computing: Unlimited resources with no client-side usage.

    by Brian Madden on November 21, 2004 : 4 comments , 11,665 views