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Desktop virtualization is the separation of the "physical" from the "logical." When it comes to desktops, a lot of people think of "VDI." While it's true that VDI is one type of desktop virtualization, it's only one type. The phrase "dekstop virtualization" could also refer to Remote Desktop, Client Hypervisors, or even OS streaming.

  • Brian answers the BriForum "What would you ask Brian?" questions

    BriForum 2014 Boston just wrapped up. One of the cool things we did this year was to include the following questions on the registration form: If you had a chance to ask Brian Madden one question at BriForum regarding desktop or application virtualization...
    by Brian Madden on July 25, 2014 : 1 comments , 3,194 views
  • Powwow extends their Windows app-refactoring solution to the iPhone

    You might remember Powwow from an article that Brian wrote back in May as they emerged from stealth mode. They re-factor Windows and web applications for use on iOS devices without any modifications to the application source code. Thus far, the solution...
    by Gabe Knuth on July 18, 2014 : 4 comments , 3,742 views
  • Microsoft's company wide memo: New corporate strategy apparently does not involve Windows desktop applications?

    Last week Microsoft released a company-wide memo from their new CEO Satya Nadella. Most of the news sites have been talking about how this memo outlines Microsoft's desire to change from a "Devices and Services" company to a "Productivity and Platform...
    by Brian Madden on July 14, 2014 : 0 comments , 5,602 views
  • The news you may have missed: Amazon's new Zocalo (Box competitor) is free for their DaaS customers. Bar raised?

    Yesterday Amazon Web Services announced a new offering called Zocalo , an enterprise-focused cloud-based file syncing and collaboration service. Zocalo will be $5 per month, per user, for 200 GB of storage. There were a lot of articles talking about how...
    by Brian Madden on July 11, 2014 : 0 comments , 4,111 views
  • DaaS Incrementalism

    So you've decided that you're going to use VDI for some of your desktops. Great! Then you decide that you're going to pay for someone else to build and operate that VDI in their cloud environment. So now your paying for cloud desktops. (DaaS) Great! Thanks...
    by Brian Madden on July 07, 2014 : 9 comments , 5,436 views
  • We don't need a "bridge" from on-premises to cloud software. We need dirt infill.

    Last week we had a podcast with Citrix's Rakesh Narasimhan and Sridhar Mullapudi to talk about the future of XenApp and XenDesktop. We were talking about Citrix Workspaces Service ( which I love ) and how Citrix needs to "bridge" the current, traditional...
    by Brian Madden on June 30, 2014 : 1 comments , 5,286 views
  • Are you over this whole “Death of Windows” thing? You should be.

    I did some research to either back up the claims of the death of Windows or put them out to pasture, and what I found was not what you would think if you only listened to marketing departments at next-gen software companies. While there is undeniably...
    by Gabe Knuth on June 25, 2014 : 8 comments , 6,579 views
  • There's no such thing as a "hardware" storage vendor

    We've often talked about how many storage vendors there are in the VDI space . (Or, perhaps more specifically, how many non-traditional storage vendors are out there whose products work well for VDI.) Whenever I talk about a new storage vendor, people...
    by Brian Madden on June 19, 2014 : 2 comments , 5,247 views
  • Why do we suddenly expect service providers to 'fix' the risks we've had for years?

    One of the cool things about publishing a book for the Kindle is you get to see a list of "popular highlights" in the book. (This is where Amazon shares a list of the passages in the book that have been most-often highlighted by readers.) I was looking...
    by Brian Madden on June 16, 2014 : 5 comments , 5,450 views
  • Breaking down the DaaS offerings from Amazon, VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix

    Part of our presentation at BriForum London was breaking down the offerings of different DaaS platforms, and I thought it would make for a useful article for those that weren’t able to attend. What follows is an outline of the offerings from Amazon...
    by Gabe Knuth on June 12, 2014 : 3 comments , 9,708 views
  • Scott Davis (VMware's former EUC CTO) joins Infinio

    Today Infinio will announce that Scott Davis, VMware's former CTO for end user computing, will join them as CTO. Though Scott was most recently known as VMware's CTO for end user computing, his history is in the storage space. (He was a cofounder and...
    by Brian Madden on June 03, 2014 : 7 comments , 5,048 views
  • If you're concerned about VDI storage capacity, you're doing something wrong!

    One of the interesting conversations that came out of BriForum was around the storage capacity for VDI. Frequent readers know that when it comes to VDI storage, I focus on performance, rather than capacity. That said, I've also taken the position that...
    by Brian Madden on June 02, 2014 : 9 comments , 6,189 views
  • In the future, will DaaS desktops be a “free” value-add from cloud providers?

    The margins on DaaS desktops are already razor thin for many providers, which they compensate for with volume. But as the amount of compute power we have rises, density (or the number of desktops we can run on a given amount of hardware for a similiar...
    by Gabe Knuth on May 29, 2014 : 4 comments , 4,271 views
  • This Citrix customer is stuck on XenApp 5.0 and facing a $100k extended support bill. What would you do here?

    Yesterday I received an email from a Citrix customer asking for my help on his quest to deal with Citrix. His email to me (paraphrased): We are currently using XenApp 5.0 on Windows Server 2008 (both 32-bit and x64) for 250 apps worldwide. We have 35...
    by Brian Madden on May 28, 2014 : 22 comments , 8,072 views
  • BriForum 2014 London DEMO Lab videos are posted!

    At BriForum 2014 London this year, I walked around with a video camera recording booth demos with each of our sponsors. Those videos can be accessed below by clicking on the sponsor logo or by browsing through all of our videos at
    by Justin Meisinger on May 23, 2014 : 0 comments , 3,369 views
  • Brian Madden's BriForum 2014 London "State of the Industry" keynote

    As part of my opening keynote at BriForum 2014 London this week, I talked about the state of the desktop virtualization industry. (Specifically the "Top 3" thoughts on my mind this year.) Unfortunately we didn't get that keynote recorded, though several...
    by Brian Madden on May 22, 2014 : 0 comments , 5,013 views
  • We asked BriForum attendees for their "one question for Brian." Here are his answers.

    BriForum 2014 London kicks off today! (If you're not here at the show, follow the action on Twitter and Flickr .) One of the cool things we did this year was to ask attendees when they signed up what question they'd like to ask me. So here's the list...
    by Brian Madden on May 20, 2014 : 0 comments , 6,594 views
  • Video demo of Citrix HDX Mobile (a.k.a. Project "Golden Gate"), from Synergy 2014

    In this video from Citrix Synergy 2014, Gabe Knuth talks to Citrix's Bruce Franson to get a demo of Citrix project "Golden Gate." This technology is about creating Windows apps that run in the datacenter (hosted on XenApp or XenDesktop), but that look...
    by Gabe Knuth on May 19, 2014 : 1 comments , 4,939 views
  • A startup called "PowWow" is launching today with a cool way to deliver desktop apps to iPads

    A new startup called " PowWow " is coming out of stealth today with a cool way to deliver Windows, Linux, and desktop web apps to mobile devices. (iPads are the focus now, with other platforms and form factors coming soon.) PowWow is trying to fill the...
    by Brian Madden on May 15, 2014 : 3 comments , 7,274 views
  • Why Citrix Workspace Services is the future of XenApp and XenDesktop. (And why it's awesome!)

    Last week at Synergy 2014, Citrix showed a prototype of something called " Citrix Workspace Services " (CWS) during their opening keynote . Based on conversations I had with fellow attendees over the next few days, it became clear to me that there's a...
    by Brian Madden on May 12, 2014 : 5 comments , 16,136 views
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