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BrianMadden.com Podcast #121: Jack interviews Brian about the state of VDI and EUC

By Jack Madden 25 Jul 2016

Before the last BriForum, get Brian's current take on everything that's going on in our space, along with his advice on how to make sure projects succeed. Read More

VMware Horizon Flex didn't work when it was called ACE, so why now? One reason: better hardware.

By Gabe Knuth 21 Oct 2015

I spoke to someone at VMworld after hearing about VMware Horizon Flex that was dubious, saying something like "They already tried this with ACE, what makes you think it's going to work this time?" My hasty response... Read More

Digging deeper in to vWorkspace’s future after the Dell / EMC deal

By Gabe Knuth 14 Oct 2015

The first thoughts that crossed my mind when I caught wind of the impending acquisition of EMC by Dell (besides "Holy crap that's a lot of money") were with regards to the future of vWorkspace. Read More

Everything you ever wanted to know about 3D Graphics Remoting is in TeamRGE's new white paper

By Gabe Knuth 06 Oct 2015

Today, Shawn Bass, Ruben Spruijt, and Benny Tritsch unveiled TeamRGE.com, a site they created to share their ideas about remote graphics for virtual desktops and applications. Read More

What could the Dell / EMC deal mean for AirWatch and Dell EMM?

By Jack Madden 15 Oct 2015

Since apparently it's Dell/EMC week here at BrianMadden.com, let's take a look at this deal from one more angle: mobility. Read More

BlackBerry’s new Android phone will enter a crowded and complex 'Android for the enterprise' market.

By Jack Madden 18 Oct 2015

Last month we found out that BlackBerry really is making an Android phone, and it's going to be called the "Priv." The idea seems appealing enough-take the security credentials of BlackBerry, combine them with an ... Read More

Activist hedge fund sends open letter to Citrix, claims their execution is "terribly poor." I agree!

By Brian Madden 11 Jun 2015

Yesterday Elliott Management, a hedge fund firm that owns 7.1% of Citrix's stock, sent an open letter to Citrix's board of directors claiming that Citrix is inefficient and lacks focus. Read More

Win free admission to BriForum Denver this #ThrowbackThursday

By Gabe Knuth 01 Jun 2015

We're giving away a free pass to BriForum Denver this Thursday as part of our own version of #ThrowbackThursday. It's time to rifle through that closet of yours and pull out the floppy disks, Walkmans, word ... Read More

Thoughts on Citrix's Linux VDA, plus a video demo from Citrix Synergy 2015

By Gabe Knuth 02 Jun 2015

One of the more surprising things in a relatively unsurprising Citrix Synergy was the round of applause created by the announcement of the Linux VDA Tech Preview. I think it's great, but it's not the kind of ... Read More

Tricerat Simplify Printing TX allows your mobile device to print to any network printer, even home!

By Gabe Knuth 30 Jun 2015

I often forget about printing until I absolutely need it, and from my home office where I blog, make PowerPoint presentations, send emails, and take briefings, I rarely have a need to print. When I do, it's usually... Read More