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By Brian Madden Jul 21, 2014

BriForum 2014 Boston kicks off today!

Hello from Boston where we're a few hours away from our 16th BriForum (in our tenth year). A few notes for those attending: The welcome address starts at 9:00. Continue Reading

By Brian Madden Jul 13, 2014

Microsoft's new corporate strategy apparently does not involve Windows desktop applications?

Last week Microsoft released a company-wide memo from their new CEO Satya Nadella. Most of the news sites have been talking about how this memo outlines Microsoft's desire to change from a "Devices and Services" ... Continue Reading

By Michael Thomason Jul 15, 2014

The Pink Elephant in the room: 10 Things we think but keep to ourselves

App Virtualization does not solve application delivery problems. Continue Reading

By Gabe Knuth Jul 17, 2014

Powwow extends their Windows app-refactoring solution to the iPhone

You might remember Powwow from an article that Brian wrote back in May as they emerged from stealth mode. They re-factor Windows and web applications for use on iOS devices without any modifications to the ... Continue Reading

By Gabe Knuth Jul 01, 2014

Windows 9 looks to continue the “Every other OS is terrible” pattern by not being terrible

While we were trying to gently suggest to Microsoft that Windows 8 wasn't exactly the best OS, and that it might be better with a few desktop-oriented tweaks to make it a little more intuitive when not using a ... Continue Reading

By Jack Madden Jul 07, 2014

How will Android’s new “Work” features affect enterprise mobility management?

It's been almost two weeks since Google announced that the next version of Android will have a new set of enterprise mobility management frameworks called Android Work, intended for devices that get used for both ... Continue Reading

By Jack Madden Jul 09, 2014

Mocana is releasing their first specialized mobile app VPN appliance

Today mobile app management vendor Mocana is launching Atlas, a specialized mobile VPN appliance. Here's are the gist of what you need to know: Atlas is designed to work with MAP-based apps. Continue Reading

By Jack Madden Jul 27, 2014

Why every company already has a mobile strategy, even if they’re not using MDM or MAM

It's easy to assume that since almost every company in existence has employees that want to use mobile devices to do their job, then almost every company needs some sort of EMM, right? Or not. Continue Reading

By Jack Madden Jul 14, 2014

VMware/AirWatch and Box announced a new standards-based MAM framework.

Last week AirWatch and Box announced a partnership regarding a new standards-based mobile app management framework for ISVs and EMM vendors. This sounds like pretty exciting news, since the mobile app management ... Continue Reading

By Jack Madden Jul 01, 2014

VMware and AirWatch integration continues: Now all channel partners can sell AirWatch.

Since VMware acquired AirWatch back in February, we've known that there's a long integration road ahead. While AirWatch will continue to operate as a subsidiary, VMware has ambitious (yet logical and exciting) ... Continue Reading