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By Brian Madden Apr 28, 2016

Startup StacksWare is creating the "vCenter for Apps" for VDI

A new startup called StacksWare has a product that can show you, in real time, which users are using which apps in your VDI environment. They can get you from "never heard of them" to "wow, that's live data" in 15 ... Continue Reading

By Brian Madden Feb 25, 2016

Microsoft plans to include App-V built-in to upcoming "Redstone" release of Windows 10

You may have heard that "Redstone" is the codename for the 2016 releases of Windows 10, with "Redstone 1" scheduled for this summer and "Redstone 2" scheduled for the fall. Continue Reading

By Tim Mangan May 28, 2015

Breaking down Microsoft Project Centennial–Microsoft's App-V spinoff for Win32 and Universal Apps

A couple of weeks ago Microsoft announced Project Centennial, an App-V like spinoff aimed at software vendors. Continue Reading

By Tim Mangan Oct 31, 2016

Commentary: An update on Microsoft’s app strategy

Tim Mangan looks in depth at Universal Windows Platform apps, Windows Bridges, converting desktop apps, and App-V. Continue Reading

By Tim Mangan Sep 07, 2014

"What would Tim do?" Free advice on implementing App-V 5

One strengths of Microsoft App-V today is the tremendous flexibility in how to implement the delivery of the virtual applications. This strength becomes a problem as soon as you become the person responsible for ... Continue Reading

By Brian Madden Videos May 04, 2015

BriForum 2014 Boston - Best Practices for VDI and a Deep Dive on App-V, a Virtual Reality Check

Are you interested in the performance differences and best practices for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1? Curious what the performance impact is of Windows Server 2008R2, 2012 and 2012R2? Continue Reading

By Tim Mangan Jun 06, 2013

Announcing AppV_SelfService (AVSS), a new free tool for simplifying App-V 5 app delivery to VMs

Today we are releasing a new tool called "AppV_SelfService" that (1) simplifies App-V application management, (2) improves the datacenter performance, and (3) is free. (In light of Brian's VDI Paradox, your BS ... Continue Reading

By Tim Mangan Feb 18, 2015
By Tim Mangan Videos Jan 22, 2013

An explanation of Microsoft App-V 4 versus 5

I am getting a lot of requests to help people understand the differences between the new Microsoft App-V 5 and the previous versions. Given the complete rewrite of the product, that is a multi-day conversation if ... Continue Reading

By Tim Mangan Jan 24, 2013

App-V versus ThinApp? That's an unfair question to me.

Do you think new App-v could be better than ThinApp? Continue Reading