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By Gabe Knuth Podcast Apr 06, 2015 Podcast #67: Tim Mangan talks App Virt and his history dating back to SoftGrid.

This week we were happy to have Tim Mangan join us on the Podcast! Continue Reading

By Tim Mangan Sep 06, 2007

SoftGrid Training

Last spring, Kevin Kaminski and I started up Continue Reading

By Ruben Spruijt Sep 10, 2007

Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization Trial Guide

Microsoft created a trial guide for Microsoft SoftGrid. When SoftGrid is a new solution for you this guide is a must read,before start ;-)This 36 page guide is very helpfull with just the basic steps for setting up... Continue Reading

By Ruben Spruijt Jun 08, 2007

Microsoft SoftGrid SP1 release notes

This article contains the latest detailed information about Microsoft SoftGrid 4.1 Service Pack 1 (SP1). Continue Reading

By Ruben Spruijt Oct 15, 2007

SoftGrid Infrastructure Planning and Design guide

Microsoft is creating Infrastructure planning and design guides for SoftGrid and Windows Server Virtualization.Infrastructure and planning is the next version of Windows Server System Reference Architecture (WSSRA)... Continue Reading

By Ruben Spruijt Jul 05, 2007

Microsoft SoftGrid 4.2 available

This week Microsoft released the latest version of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance (MDOP) Continue Reading

By Brian Madden Feature Apr 24, 2007

SoftGrid Internals, from BriForum 2007

Once the magic of sequencing applications is done, you want to deploy them. Continue Reading

By Tim Mangan Jun 02, 2007

Microsoft SoftGrid 4.2 Tech Preview

A First look at SoftGrid 4.2On June 1, Microsoft made a Technology Preview of SoftGrid 4. Continue Reading

By Brian Madden Feature Jun 17, 2008

Top 10 Challenges with SoftGrid, from BriForum 2008

Application Virtualization technologies like Microsoft SoftGrid have excellent benefits that enable an organization to dynamically manage their application deployment and reduce the amount of time required to ... Continue Reading

By Ruben Spruijt Feb 01, 2008

Microsoft SoftGrid Sequencing Guide from Microsoft Consulting Services

Yesterday Microsoft Consulting Services released their Sequencing bestpractices guide. It's a great guide for everyone who is using the SoftGrid (sorry Microsoft Application Virtualization) Sequencer. Continue Reading