White Paper: Microsoft App-V 4.5 Client in Stand-Alone Mode

This week I am releasing a new white paper that covers using the App-V 4.5 client in "stand-alone" mode.

This week I am releasing a new white paper that covers using the App-V 4.5 client in "stand-alone" mode.  This paper is an outgrowth of my interest in understanding the under-documented capabilities in the client.  In particular, I look at how we can configure and use the client with streaming and perform active upgrades.  But there is a plethora of other trivial information as well.

This opens the possibility of using App-V with nothing more than a file share for the back end.  It isn't for everyone and you will need to roll some of your own scripting, but if you have a need for the stand-alone client, let's say for a few employees in a remote office or who travel most of the time, this might be of interest.

I had promised this paper out to the community some time ago, and have used my presentation at Briforum on Thursday as a kick in the pants to finally get it out.

You can download the paper from my site at this link:  http://www.tmurgent.com/WhitePapers/Microsoft_AppV_Stand-Alone.pdf

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@ BriForum my Streaming Smackdown included a Presentation of Windows 7 and App-V 4.5CU1 running in standalone mode use the USB autoimporter utility. I have created a video of this demonstration.



You can also migrate back into the App-V Full Infrastructure Mode if you want to enjoy some of the benefits like Application Metering, Application Licensing etc.

See my 4 -5 step guide "Migrating from App-V Stand-alone to Full Infrastructure Mode"