VMworld 2008 keynote updates

Good morning from VMWorld everyone.. I'm in the press workroom getting ready to head over to the General Session.

Good morning from VMWorld everyone.. I'm in the press workroom getting ready to head over to the General Session.  I wanted to let you all know that I'll be posting updates live here and on Twitter (follow me at c1tr1xguru).  I'm very excited to hear more about the vData Center OS, the cloud initiatives, etc.  Keep checking and refreshing this page so that you get the most up-to-date info as I post it up.

Talk to you again soon.

Well folks, my apologies for the delay.  There were no tables for the press or Internet access.  So live updates were not possible.

Ok, so Paul said "cloud" over 35 times.  Surprising, not really?  He kicks off with a little "history" lesson of how the virtualization technology came to be where it is today.  Nice for those that are new to the technology.

The key things coming out of the keynote were these:

  • cloud is going to be a big fundamental change.  Obviously
  • flexible, agile infrastructure.  What have I been saying all along.  Nothing new here, but it's good to see that companies are starting to come around to this "flexible IT"
  • Announcement of the new Intel Xeon 7400 series chipsets.  Now the ability to vMotion between chipsets has finally become a reality.
  • Cisco and their enhanced mobility and simpler mgmt with virtual aware networks.  Cool
  • vStorage:  site recovery across storage vendors.  Nothing new, but good to see that this has finally seen the sunlight.

It's great to see that VMW is moving to bring all the separate products, like Lab Manager, Stage Manager, and others into one main management console called App Manager.

I'll be posting up more, but it's time to get to some sessions.  Keep checking the tweets.  Tomorrow is Stephen Harrod's keynote laying out a technology roadmap.

What do you guys want to see or hear about?  Let me know.  Send me an email, text message, Twitter direct message...I'm available folks.



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