Survey Results: 2/3 of the world's companies will stick with Windows 7. 1/3 will go to Windows 8.1.

On Monday I posted a quick survey asking about peoples' plans for Windows 8.1. It was four simple questions: What part of the world are you in?

On Monday I posted a quick survey asking about peoples' plans for Windows 8.1. It was four simple questions:

  1. What part of the world are you in?
  2. How many users are at your company?
  3. What primary Windows version do you use now?
  4. What version are you planning on moving to next?
We got 270 responses, distributed around the world like this:

Region of the world

Looking at the total data for all responses, as we expected, most of the world is on Windows 7 now (70%), with some still on Windows XP (21%) and a few on Windows 8 (8%):

All  current

Looking at what peoples' plans are, a total of 65% plan to stay on Windows 7 and/or move to something later. I just combined those results into a single grouping as I probably shouldn't have included Windows 7 as an option. (I assume that if you're planning on staying with Windows 7, that's actually the same thing as saying that your next version of Windows will be something later like Windows 9 or 10 or something else in the future. So the relevant results are 65% have no plans for Windows 8 or 8.1, with 32% planning for Windows 8.1. (And as expected, only 2% are planning to stay with Windows 8.0. That makes sense, as I figure if you're going to Windows 8.0, then it would be trivially simple to move to Windows 8.1.)

All  next

If we take a look at enterprise customers (with more than 1,000 users), we see that there are even fewer on Windows 8.0 today. (Again, this makes sense, with about 75% on Windows 7 and 23% still on Windows XP)

10k current

For the same enterprises, it looks like 66% will stick with Windows 7 for now and wait until something after Windows 8.1, with 29% going for Windows 8.1. Again, a very small percentage (5%) will move to Windows 8.0 but not plan for Windows 8.1.

10k next


I also decided to compare North America to Europe (since those were the two biggest groups) to see if there were any meaningful differences there. It looks like there aren't really any differences. Here's the North American results for the current environment:Na current

And the European current environment:

Europe current

As for future plans, again, North America and Europe look to be about the same. Here's North America:

Na future

And Europe:

Europe future


Here's an XLS dump of the raw survey responses if you'd like to download it and slice the data in some other way. If you find anything interesting, please share in the comments?

Overall I'd say this survey pretty much jives with what I was thinking? Very roughly speaking, about two-thirds of companies worldwide will stick with Windows 7 for now, with about one-third going for Windows 8.1. Windows 8.0 looks like it will almost completely disappear.



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