Setting the stage for Citrix Synergy (Make a prediction and you could win a signed book!)

With just a few days to go before Citrix Synergy, I thought it would be wise to use today's post to take a look at what we expect to see next week. Synergy doesn't start until Wednesday, but Monday and Tuesday are already full for us with meetings and, well, more meetings.

With just a few days to go before Citrix Synergy, I thought it would be wise to use today's post to take a look at what we expect to see next week. Synergy doesn't start until Wednesday, but Monday and Tuesday are already full for us with meetings and, well, more meetings. In fact, by the time we get to the opening keynote on Wednesday, it'll be nice to sit and let someone else do the talking! So, with that schedule, now seems to be the best time to do this.

We thought we'd have a little fun, too, so we'd like to ask you to submit your predictions about what Citrix will announce this week. I'll list out some things that we expect to see, but we want to hear from you as well. As a bonus, if we like your prediction we'll send you a signed hardcover copy of our book, The VDI Delusion, which we expect to have next week! We might give away one, we might give away ten, it just depends on the quality and accuracy of the predictions. Of course, creativity is always appreciated, so if you must err to one side, pick creative (but plausible) over accurate :)

To participate, leave a comment below and we'll use those to keep track of winners.

What Jack's looking for

As you know, Jack is our Consumerization guy, and he'll be coming along. This is actually his first Synergy (it's my tenth, going back to iForums, and probably Brian's fifteenth), and there is a ton of Consumerization stuff for him to follow. There's a very good chance we won't see him that much during the show! He'll be focusing on things like Sharefile and Citrix Receiver as they fit into mobile data and mobile application management. When he's not diving into the announcements Citrix is sure to be making around those technologies, he'll be hitting up vendors to see what they have going on. If you're a vendor reading this and you think you have a consumerization angle, you should email Jack.

What Brian & Gabe are looking for

As for what we expect to see, there's all the normal stuff about the next version of XenApp and XenDesktop, of course, but I'm particularly interested in seeing what comes of Cloud Gateway Express and Enterprise. VMware Horizon continues to have my attention, so anything Citrix can do in that regard will have it as well. Like VMware, I think we'll see some more attention to mobile devices, which is probably where Jack and I will cross paths.

In fact, I think we'll see a lot at the nexus point between consumerization and desktop virtualization. Citrix has always been about delivering apps to any device, so that mindset and the fact that Receiver works on just about anything makes that a fun space to follow. We'll be on the lookout there for big announcements, and we're likely to get wind of them prior to next Wednesday.

I'm also curious to see what focus Citrix puts on XenClient. I'm sort of over it from a "I want that on my laptop" perspective, but I find it interesting that there's a big enough market to support three client hypervisor solutions (MokaFive, Virtual Computer, and Citrix XenClient), so any changes on that front will be interesting to watch.

VDI-in-a-Box has always been a favorite of mine, and I haven't heard much about it lately. Seeing as Dell is a large sponsor, I'd imagine they'll be showing off their on-premises VDI solution with VDI-in-a-Box that they recently announced. I'm interested in finding out how much interest people have in that, because it's aimed for smaller environments that I would think would try to avoid having a server in-house (we all know there are use cases, though). Also, now that tuCloud has switched to Desktone, I'm wondering if there are any service providers leveraging VDI-in-a-Box, or if that's not the solution they're going after.

Rounding out the list are the enhancements to the client side. We learned about the HDX System-on-Chip thin clients at Synergy in Barcelona, so hopefully we can see something more than massive test boards (those ones in Barcelona were only a few steps past a breadboard). I'm sure there will also be some enhancements to HDX that, if they're worth looking at, we can shoot on video.

We're speaking, too!

Brian will be presenting a session called "How to fail with VDI" as part of the Geek Speak Live track on Thursday, May 10, at 11:30 AM. We maintain a list of reasons that is about 30 items long now, so we'll see how many he can fit into 45 minutes! 

I am speaking as part of a panel during the Geek Speak Tonight session that's happening on Tuesday, May 8 from 4:30 to 6:30. These sessions are usually pretty fun & laid back (they have to be because I'm pretty sure none of us know what they're about right now), and I think they had soft pretzels and beer last year. So if seeing Shawn Bass, Doug Brown, Simon Crosby, Rick Dehlinger, Martin Duursma, and others isn't enough, come for the beer and pretzels.

I'd also guess that we'll be doing a live radio show on Wednesday or Thursday, so if we didn't get to say something on stage, we'll get to say it then. Stay tuned to the site for more information.

On top of all of that, we have tons of vendors to talk to, and many of them also have announcements, so we're in for a super busy week of taking in all of this information and distilling it down to the useful stuff to post here. In the meantime, let us know what you expect to see at the show, and sometime next week we'll pick the people we think deserve books and send them out.



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