Friday roundup: Let's talk about Citrix, mobile application management, and Google Drive

Many people are wondering what Citrix's new mobile application management (MAM) capabilities will look like.

This week had a lot of interesting stories that I kept on thinking about, so I wanted to recap them all one more time:


First off, many people are wondering what Citrix's new mobile application management (MAM) capabilities will look like. Over the last few weeks, it's become clear that Citrix will be adding some sort of MAM to Cloud Gateway, on the heels of the ShareFile Follow-Me-Data features. On Monday I posted an article speculating on possible MAM vendor acquisition targets, and today Gabe posted about another possible way for Citrix to deal with unmanaged mobile devices: MobiliSafe. What features do you think Citrix will (or should) include?


Speaking of MAM, yesterday Apperian made some announcements about addition security features. First off, they mention these new features: (these are from their press release)

  • "Device Lock/Unlock -- Remotely lock a device, requiring the user to enter a passcode or contact the EASE administrator to unlock the screen. This is useful when a device is reported as lost, misplaced, or stolen."
  • "Device Wipe -- Remotely "wipe" a corporate owned device to permanently delete all media and data, and restore to factory settings."
  • "App Inventory -- Check inventory at any time to get an up-to-date list of all apps installed on a device."
  • "App Delete -- Remotely delete apps installed from the Apperian App Catalog. This feature securely removes the app and associated data from the device without requiring user interaction."
Usually you have to use mobile device management to get these features, but Apperian has made some interesting statements about MDM. Their homepage has a picture of an iPad that says "Manage apps not devices," and they apparently created an online conference at the site Signing up puts you on a mailing list from Apperian, and now I'm waiting to see what happens. One last thing: if you go to their website and scroll down on the homepage, you'll see an illustration of a group of revelers, tall buildings, and a park. But (and I swear I'm not making this up, and I really wish I had a screenshot to prove this) that illustration used to have a figure holding up a sign that said "Occupy MDM." So what is Apperian up to? I hope to find out soon!

The final part of Apperian's announcement is that their product now includes app-wrapping capabilities, courtesy of Mocana. Apperian has an SDK for incorporating security and authorization features into home-grown apps, but with Mocana Mobile App Protection, you can add certain security features to apps without rewriting them.


Google Drive was announced on Wednesday, and Brian posted his analysis yesterday. Does it have potential? Probably. Will it replace Dropbox any time soon? Probably not. What do you think?

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