Dell plans to acquire Wyse. (It's about time!)

Dell announced today that they're planning to Acquire Wyse. (This is not an April fool's joke.)

Dell announced today that they're planning to Acquire Wyse. (This is not an April fool's joke.) This is a deal that totally makes sense and something that we've been talking about / wanting to see for years. HP bought thin client maker Neoware back in 2007, and that combined with what Compaq was doing with thin clients turned HP into a major thin client maker.

So on one hand, you have major computer maker (HP) which also makes thin clients, you have the other major company maker (Dell) who doesn't make their own thin clients, and you have the biggest thin client maker (Wyse) which doesn't make computers. It was really just a matter of time.

Dell has had an OEM/reseller relationship with thin client maker DevonIT, and I've asked Dell repeatedly when they were going to get into the thin client business "for real." They always said that when the deal with DevonIT is fine for them, and if they need to make a bigger move, then they'll do it. I think almost every time I'm in Round Rock visiting Dell's end user computing group I ask them, "When are you going to buy Wyse?" Owning the thin client capacity in-house definitely makes Dell seem more serious about these types of devices and virtual & cloud desktops in general.

So what happens to DevonIT? Why didn't Dell buy them? It's simple: Wyse is the #1 thin client maker (based on sales volume), and Dell bought that. Buying Wyse means that Dell is now the #1 / zero client / cloud client / whatever maker. Wyse has also been doing a good job diversifying away from pure hardware. (Check out what Jack wrote about last week on about Wyse's new PocketCloud Explorer app.)

At the of the of the day, this all makes sense. Now we have two huge computer makers that are also the biggest thin client makers. Exciting times ahead!




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