A curated list of our best enterprise mobility articles and resources - December 2016 Edition

Want to get started in enterprise mobility? Trying to answer a question? Start with this curated list!

This is a curated list of articles and resources about enterprise mobility management (EMM) and related topics like mobile device management, mobile app management, BYOD, apps, and mobile security. I put this list together since my EMM book is fairly out of date, and I wanted a convenient place to point to as an alternative. This article is updated every few months, most recently on December 20, 2016. For day to day news, head to the homepage, RSS, my Twitter feed, or our Friday Notebook series.

2016 State of EMM series

In 2016, many of the tools and concepts for enterprise mobility are ready to go [June 2016]

What stage of enterprise mobility adoption are you in? [July 2016]

When will we achieve widespread enterprise mobility, and what will it look like? [July 2016]

Why get started on enterprise mobility, identity, and apps? [Aug 2016]

The state of EMM in 2016: What are the biggest challenges and issues today? [Sept 2016]

Other EMM background reading

Why should you care about EMM and IAM? Because in the mobile / cloud world, that’s how you do EUC management! [Aug 2015]

All of our thoughts on BYOD today [Oct 2015]

Overview of the EMM space and how it evolved [Sept 2014]

Mobile app management

3-part consolidated guide to mobile app management: Part 1: Why we need MAM, but why it’s challenging; Part 2: Different MAM techniques; Part 3: MAM applied to different use cases. [Dec 2016]

My Citrix Synergy 2016 session on different types of MAM and how they apply to different use cases [May 2016]

Mobile apps

Five things you need to know about creating and sourcing enterprise mobile apps [Sept 2016]

App refactoring turns legacy software into modern apps [Sept 2015]

Mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) platforms let developers reduce, reuse, and recycle code [Oct 2015]

Want to see where all the enterprise mobile apps will be? Most of them won't be in the office. [April 2015]

Mobile app development platforms—What are they and how to they fit in the EMM space? [Aug 2014]

Other mobile technologies

It’s 2016, and there’s still no common practice around mobile anti-malware and security products [May 2016]

Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI): Overview of what it is; the technical challenges; the potential use cases; our BriForum video about VMI; and other VMI content.

What are cloud access security brokers (CASB), and how do they fit into end user computing? [July 2016]

Get ready for smarter identity and access management—It’s going to be awesome! [Sept 2016]

Our articles about Windows 10 management

Will 2016 be the year of Windows 10 migrations? (Plus some of the new features you might have forgotten about.) [Jan 2016]

Unified Endpoint Management is getting a lot of buzz, but as always the devil is in the details. [April 2016]

Managing Windows 10 with MDM: VMware has the right idea, but IT needs help getting there [Sept 2016]

Apple and iOS

Apple Business Support

iOS Deployment Reference. Start if you want to dig into the MDM capabilities in iOS.

macOS Deployment Reference

Deployment Programs Help (including Device Enrollment Program and Volume Purchase Program)

Apple School Manager Help and Education Support

Apple Configurator Reference (Apple Configurator is only available for macOS, free in the Mac App Store.)

The iOS security white paper

Apple device configuration profile key reference. You may need this to build custom profiles to for functions your MDM server doesn’t expose in the admin UI.

Over-the-air profile delivery and configuration. Good for understanding the concepts behind iOS MDM.

The OS X Server Profile Manager Role allows you to build MDM on your own. (It's a $20 download in the Mac App Store.)

Google and Android

Google's Android enterprise site (formerly Android for Work but now renamed) lists supporting EMM vendors, supporting devices, and basic features.

Android enterprise help page answers lots of basic and important questions.

Managed Google Play help page (formerly Play for Work, this name also changed).

Android fin the enterprise for Developers is more for EMM vendors and app developers, but there's tons of information to poke around in if you're curious. The same goes for the Android EMM Developers site. There's even a test device policy controller app you can play with.

Android enterprise security white paper

Android 5.0 enterprise feature overview (this is when all the first Android for Work features arrived)

Android 6.0 enterprise feature overview

Android 7.0 enterprise feature overview

Source.Android.com security overview

Android Security 2015 Year in Review report

Samsung Knox

SamsungKnox.com. Everything you need to know about Knox!

The Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program. This is mostly for EMM software vendors and partners, but if you want to know even more about all different Knox capabilities, this is the place to go. Dig around, there's lots of interesting stuff.

Windows 10 and Unified Endpoint Management

Overview of Windows 10 MDM

All of the MDM APIs available for Windows 10

Guidance on Windows 10 MDM from Microsoft

What's new in Windows 10 MDM enrollment and management

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