Published application fails to launch, in the Citrix XenApp / Presentation Server forum on
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Published application fails to launch, in the Citrix XenApp / Presentation Server forum on

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Guest posted on Tue, Apr 5 2005 11:19 AM
Failing to launch published application on secondary server.

Running MF XP FR3, on a Win2003 server. This server is a secondary server to the primary farm, which is on another domain, which runs Win2000.

I set this server up to inherit everything from the farm settings. Applications on the primary farm publishes and connects well.

The Win2003 server has TS licensing activated, as per device level.

Launching a published Desktop is not a problem, but I fail to launch any application. But, and a big BUT, I do get some kind of response.

Firstly, I get a connection and Windows login prompt.
Secondly, once logged in, I can see the window frame, showing the "application name - Citrix ICA Client" left on the top status bar. This looks like a desktop, but is actually just one big frame. This "frame" also has the background colour of the user logged in. But what this frame fails to load is the application I am trying to launch!
Thirdly, to test that citrix and everything is working, I can successfully send messages, shadow the user, etc.

Other info - user has permission, I try this as Administrator, or other users from the administrator group
Sometimes, only sometimes, I get a message box telling me that Citrix failed to launch the application. Then it closes down.

Just for the record. The application launches like a charm when typing the full pathname and exe as is specified in the published app location property from the Run command.

So, I guess I have eliminated some reasons for failure.

Terminal Services - I don't think I will be able to connect if TS was a problem. Also, don't get any messages in eventvwr.
TS Licensing - It is currently setup as per device. Trying to connect to published desktop from my pc works, this is one device. Trying to connect from my pc to a publish app should still be only one device, but it fails for the application to launch, connection (as described above) is no problem.
Firewall - I would not have been able to launch a desktop to that server. Another reason why firewall is ruled out. I would publish the application to create an ICA file on the Win2003 server, launch this from the server itself, and get exactly the same as above. Winlogin, then a blank frame.
Application corruption - I have tried this with as many as possible applications, all giving the same problem. If this is the problem, then it is a farm setting which I must have wrong.
Citrix Licensing - we have 20 user licenses. 15 is assigned to primary server, on Win2000. 5 is assigned to Win2003 secondary server. When I connect with more than one different users, assigned in use still stays only 1 for this Win2003 server. ????

Other server settings I have checked: FR level is set, Metaframe product code, and more and more. I would either set settings to replicate the farm, or similar to farm if specifically required.

Whoever solves this one, well done! I am on my second day already.

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Guest replied on Wed, Apr 6 2005 7:30 AM
Hi there
Replying to myself - hope I can save other users some trouble.

I upgraded the Win2003 server to SP1, and that did the trick.

A useful website, which pointed out a lot of TS/Citrix issues is run by VERA: Click on the TS/ Citrix link, then Troubleshooting.

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