Print Job Spools But Doesn't Print Locally , in the Printing forum on
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Print Job Spools But Doesn't Print Locally , in the Printing forum on

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Matthew Ball Angry [:@] posted on Mon, Dec 7 2009 3:00 PM

When attempting to print via published applications, the print job spools on the server, the local computer spools the job,
but nothing prints.
The clients can print to network printers.
No error shows in the Event Viewer.
Environment (new build): Windows 2003 server with SP2 running XenApp 4.5/5.0 with the following:
Rollup Patch: PSE450W2KR04
Hotfixes: PSE450R04W2K3009, 15, 18, 31, 34, 35
Citrix “Client Printers” properties: Under Client Printers:
• Auto-Creation is “enabled” for “Auto-create all client printers” • Legacy client printers is “Not Configured”
• Printer properties retention is “enabled” for “Saved on client device only”
• Print job routing is “enabled” as “Always connect indirectly as a client printer
• Turn off client printer mapping is “Not Configured” Under Drivers
• Native printer driver auto-install is “enabled” as “Do not automatically install drivers”
• Universal driver is “enabled” as “Use universal driver only” ctx_smauser is a member of the power users group on the server
Any and all help is appreciated; Thanks.



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Suggested by Dan Foley

Matt, is it just one type of local printer or all (clients) with locally attached printers?   Do you use Appsense on your Citrix Servers?

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Hi Matthew, if the print job is reaching the client can you set the "Preview on Client" option on the Citrix UPD to see if the EMF job is coming through 100%


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Have you checked the users C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS folder?  Are there any jobs in there?

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Take a look at this article

Force the client to reprocess the EMF files

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It could also be the Anti-Virus on the PC deleting the print job.  I've seen that with older versions of McAfee.

Why is it called "Common Sense"? It doesn't seem all that common!

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