Citrix Dual Screen Issue, in the Citrix XenApp / Presentation Server forum on
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Citrix Dual Screen Issue, in the Citrix XenApp / Presentation Server forum on

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Andy Faulds posted on Fri, Jul 11 2008 6:21 AM
I hope that someone here might be able to help with an issue we have with one of our published application.

Our Environment:

Windows 2003 with SP 1 Installed
PS4 Farm with Rollup 03
Citrix Client is 9.15 WI and one client is PNA+WI 10.200

The issue we have:

One of our applications from a 3rd party runs ok when on single screen, but when it is run on a dual screen system the application doesnt display the text in the initial grid although you can still use the system, it does not write to the screen on the front screen grid. When moving around the system, all other screens write the text to the screen.

I have managed to find that the 3rd party is using a Borland environment and use a "grid" on the front screen to show the data. They have also told me that they use the standard windows API to write text to the screen.

The issue only arises on dual screens with Seamless windows. The "workaround" the 3rd party provide is to run it in 90% screen mode which isn't ideal for us.

Please help :)


(I have also posted a similar question on the citrix forum which i have cross referenced here for completeness: CTX Forum Posting)
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This may or may not be helpful, but I recently resolved a dual-screen issue here in our 4.5 R01 environment. When users launched a seamless application that used 24 bit color AND the user had dual monitors, the app would only display in 256 colors. This behavior was consistent across servers and across clients 9.23 - 11. When launched in a fixed window size, it was 24 bit color. Only with seamless & dual monitors did the problem present itself. About an hour on the phone with Citrix, he found a fix. A simple reghack cleared it right up. Now, it may not help you, but it's worth a shot.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\CtxHook\AppInit_Dlls\Multiple Monitor Hook]

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Additionally, apologies for not replying sooner but havent been on the boards much the last month due to holidays and other commitments.

I have been working with the software suppliers and together we have come up with the following fix.

Edit the Default.ica file found on the Web Interface (C:\inetroot\wwwroot\default\citrix\accessplatform\conf\default.ica) and add in the following lines:

App Name - name given when published

Once we put this into the deafult.ica file it started working!

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