Manipulate Launch.ICA, in the Citrix Web Interface forum on
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Manipulate Launch.ICA, in the Citrix Web Interface forum on

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David Underwood Posted: Thu, Sep 7 2006 9:22 AM
I am building a lab running WI 2.0 and Presentation Server 3.0 on 2003 Server. This is a local intranet, with no secure gateway and is completely isolated from our production environment. The WI is configured to use HTTP for transport. However, it is creating the launch.ica file with SSLenable=on. Nothing is noted within the WI console for this, and if I save the launch.ica and change the SSLenable=off I can then launch the application. How can I have this setting automatically turned off coming from the WI??
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you can edit the default.ica on your WI server, just put the command in there. This should work fine.

The launch.ica is generated from the default.ica everytime a user logs on. So make changes to the default.ica and your in the clear.



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