Terminal Server Slowness winlogon.exe, in the Terminal Services forum on BrianMadden.com
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Terminal Server Slowness winlogon.exe, in the Terminal Services forum on BrianMadden.com

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Gabe Bazan Posted: Fri, Mar 21 2008 2:10 PM
Hello, I have been having some trouble with our 2003 terminal server standard 32bit. It has been slowing down from time to the poing that the server becomes unusable. We have had to reboot it a couple of times. What we have noticed is that while in the task manager we can see that winlogon.exe will jump up to the top process taking up 13% of the processor and this seems to always be in the task manager when we have had our server slow down. Is their any ideas of why the server just slows down and basically locks up? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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How long do the delays last?

Do you have any "orphaned" csrss.exe processes in Task Manager (i.e. no other processes for session ID that csrss.exe is associated with)?

What service pack of W2K3 are you at?


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I would also look at the printer drivers that are being used on the server, as 3rd party printer drivers are the #1 reason terminal servers become unstable.



Patrick Rouse

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Are you using Group Policy based folder redirection? depending on your patch levels you could see significant delays during logon.

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