Security Warning, in the Citrix XenApp / Presentation Server forum on
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Security Warning, in the Citrix XenApp / Presentation Server forum on

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Anthony Borg posted on Wed, Sep 28 2005 11:14 PM
Hi All,

Not sure if this is a Citrix problem but more of a Windows 2003 problem. We have an 8 server farm running Release 3 service pack 4. I've just added another server to the Farm which I'm having this slight problem with. Our users run shortcuts that are located on another server, when they run one of the shortcuts they get a security warning asking if they are sure they want to open it. If they select OPEN the app opens fine. This doesn't happen with the other Citrix servers only this one.

The message window is labled OPEN FILE - SECURITY WARNING. Do you want to open this file? Open or Cancel.

I've embeded the message in this post.

I'm sure it's a security setting somewhere within Windows 2003 but not sure where. CAn anyone please help out with this one.





Anthony Borg
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Guest replied on Thu, Sep 29 2005 7:45 PM
Thanks Tom,

That worked, I added it to the trusted site. e.g. file://servername It worked striaght away.

Thanks Tom and everyone else...


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Glad I could help.

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Guest replied on Fri, Sep 30 2005 1:42 AM
You can also instead of that remove ESC from the add remove or I believe in IE you can uncheck the ESC in Advanced options and then you will not have to worry about it anymore. We have a regkey that runs during login to remove it. Just my 2 cents.
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