Canon iR3570/4570 nightmares, in the Printing forum on
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Canon iR3570/4570 nightmares, in the Printing forum on

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Christopher Buford Posted: Thu, Mar 16 2006 1:17 PM
Has anyone seen the following error in the event log for the above printers?

Source: CanonPrinterDriver3
Event ID: 1

Entry Function: DrvDocumentPropertySheets, Base Address: 6A900000, Exception Address: 6AA0D78C, Exception Code: ACCESS_VIOLATION

Citrix MF FR3 SP3, Windows 2003 Server

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Guest replied on Thu, Apr 27 2006 6:11 PM
I had the same problem long time ago, Canon drivers are not Compatable with Citrix, period.
Do not install any of Canon drivers on MFPS.
Let the UPD print the jobs.
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I had this issue with quite a number of Canon MultiFunction Copier/Printer/Fax machines and found that the error message no longer occurs with version 6.97 of the driver.
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Guest replied on Tue, May 16 2006 1:48 PM
Stevoon, could you expand on your findings. The latest Canon print driver is version 6.94. If you have any other details or experiences to share I would like to hear them.
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Guest replied on Wed, May 17 2006 4:44 PM
Canon PCL/PS/UFR2 drivers do support Citrix MF environments at this time. Use the latest PCL5e v6.94 from the Canon website.
Stevoon, where did you get v6.97?
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Here it is. Link to US version 6.97. It has fixed all memory errors
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Guest replied on Tue, May 23 2006 7:00 PM
That error is caused by doing a driver switch when installing a Canon PostScript driver 2.31, 2.41, 2.51, 2.61, 2.74. Here is how you can replicate the error. Install a HP Laserjet 5 PCL driver. Once created go to the properties of the printer and click on advanced. Switch the driver to a Canon PS driver, wuth one of the above mentioned versions. This will then cause a memory error that dumps one of the Canon DLL files. The Spooler service and Explorer will hold onto that DLL. When this happens you must kill the spooler service and explorer. Delete the queue you changed and the DLL files and driver files assoicated with the PS driver (print a test page to get file names). Then reinstall the PS driver with a new queue and you will not have the problem. What causes that problem is the Canon PS driver needs more address space then what "Driver Switch Process" allows for. There are no problems with the PCL drivers. This error only happens when you have installed a PS driver using the method from above. The Canon PS driver is not supported through the Microsoft driver switch.
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