Random down listeners after server reboots, in the Citrix XenApp / Presentation Server forum on BrianMadden.com
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Random down listeners after server reboots, in the Citrix XenApp / Presentation Server forum on BrianMadden.com

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Jeff Klug posted on Mon, May 21 2007 1:29 PM
I have a problem with listeners (either the tcp-ica or tcp-rdp) starting in a down state after a server reboots. It happens so randomly, that I have not been able to figure out the root cause of the issue. We have 30 citrix/terminal servers – mostly 2003 servers (with a few 2000) running Citrix PS 3.0 that we reboot every night using a schedule task. We might go weeks without the issue and than we’ll have 2 or 3 servers with the problem in one week.

If I reset the down listener than it goes back to a normal state and users can connect.

When the listener starts in a down state, the server records the following event:

Source: TermService
Event ID: 1014
Description: Cannot load illegal module: C:\WINDOWS\system32\vdtw30.dll or rdpdd.dll or tsddd.dll (it’s not always the same file that is consider ‘illegal’).

Research on the error suggest that there is a problem with the cryptography subsystem being damaged but that doesn't make sense if I can reset the session and it is fine. It's almost like a timing issue where some service doesn't start fast enough.

One possible workaround would be run the following two commands after the server reboots to force a reset of the listeners but the command requires you to answer Yes interactively so I can’t use it in a standard script to be used as a scheduled task that would run shortly after the server reboots:

Reset session 65536
Reset session 65537

Does anyone have any ideas has to why I’m having a random problem with listeners starting in a down state or know of a way to run the reset session command through a script that can specify Yes to the question?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
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Two ways that I can think of to run the reset commands:

batch: echo YES |reset session 65536

Send("reset session 65536{ENTER}")

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Have you tried re-creating a listener to see if it solves the issues?


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I did try re-creating the listeners but the problem continued.

echo YES |reset session 65536 is exactly what I was looking for - that works perfectly in a batch file. Only time will tell but this should resolve our connection issues causing early morning pages.

Thanks Kevin!
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Guest replied on Tue, May 22 2007 9:00 PM
I ran into this same exact problem recently, except on Windows 2000. I saw the same cryptography references when researching the problem. Honestly I think it's irrelevant.

The problem pretty much went away on its own. Although, I can say that the problem first arised on a reboot following normal Windows Updates, and seems to have subsided following more Windows Updates about a week later.

Wish there was better info on this issue.

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