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An interview with Dr. Injong Rhee, the person behind Samsung SAFE and KNOX

Written on Jun 07 2013 7,831 views, 1 comment

by Jack Madden

Last month at Citrix Synergy I was able to interview Dr. Injong Rhee, Sr. Vice President and Head of Technology Strategy and Enterprise R&D at Samsung Electronics. He leads the team that's behind Samsung SAFE and KNOX, so this was a great chance to learn more about how they are approaching enterprise mobility management.

SAFE and KNOX are customizations that Samsung to Android; SAFE adds extra mobile device management APIs, and KNOX helps separate work and personal apps and data. For more background, check out Could Samsung SAFE and KNOX lead to MAM that makes Android phones as secure as Blackberrys? and 7 things you need to know about Samsung KNOX dual-persona Android.

Here's what we talked about in the interview:

  • How KNOX approaches dual persona.
  • While the KNOX framework is deeply integrated in the device, it can be configured to maintain user privacy.
  • Samsung views KNOX as a BYOD play.
  • How Samsung went beyond the core Android Open Source Project (AOSP) APIs.
  • The future of management APIs in AOSP.
  • Security Enhancement for Android.
  • The future of hardware-based security features, such as ARM TrustZone.


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