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User Environment Management Smackdown, a video from BriForum 2011

Written on Mar 15 2012 3,171 views, 0 comments

by BriForum Video

(this was originally posted in August, 2011)


Presented by: Aaron Parker


Choosing from different types of desktop virtualization is a powerful and strategic decision within an application and desktop delivery infrastructure. Managing such a dynamic environment from a user perspective is fundamental, and with a wide range of user environment solutions available, determining which solution fits your requirements is no simple matter. Aaron Parker will discuss the functionality, benefits, disadvantages and vendors of this market space in this unbiased session. You’ll get a comprehensive overview of user environment management concepts and solutions, as well as a complete update on this booming market area. Topics of this session include:


  • User virtualization, workspace management, environment management; What’s in a name?!
  • What is user environment management and how does it compare to roaming profiles and Group Policy?
  • What is the functionality and why is it important for every Microsoft, Citrix or VMware customer?
  • Who are the vendors and what are the differences between the major ones?
  • How do you make the right choice when selecting a user environment management solution?
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