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Performance Monitoring 101, from BriForum 2008

Written on Jun 16 2008
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by Brian Madden

This is a video of a breakout session from BriForum 2008, presented by Michael Thomason.


Session Description:

  • Is it possible to have a 100% CPU usage yet still maintain a responsive system?
  • Ever wondered that all the memory values in task manager actually mean?
  • What exactly is VM memory size versus Memory Usage?
  • How do I know when my processor, disk, or RAM is bottleneck? Mysterious application hangs and performance complaints?

Many attendees face these and many more performance questions every day. In this session attendees will get a basic understanding of using performance monitor to indentify system bottlenecks. They will also leave with acceptable “metric” values which can be used to indentify issues in their organization.

Knowledge required: Intermediate knowledge of Windows required.


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