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Citrix Presentation Server WORST Practices, from BriForum Europe 2007

Written on Oct 10 2007
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by Brian Madden

This is a video of a breakout session from BriForum Europe 2007, presented by Jeroen van de Kamp, Brian Madden, and Bernhard Tritsch.


Session Description: A lot of the presenters at BriForum have been consulting for years. They have seen literally hundreds and hundreds of client environments. When they get together for drinks, they often talk about the things they see and the environments they have to fix. While some of these stories are quite funny, there is definitely something to be learned from each one.

In this light-hearted but serious session, the presenters will talk about the biggest mistakes they see when they walk into existing environments. And of course, they'll also show you how to fix and avoid them.



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