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"A Failure to Launch:" a new free tool for App-V troubleshooting

Written on Nov 01 2010 6,685 views, 1 comment

by Tim Mangan

I have another free tool for people that work with App-V. One of the challenges of working with App-V is dealing with situations when things don't work right, especially when using the full infrastructure model. Since you have a multi-part delivery system involved, the component that tells you about the problem--the Client--doesn't necessarily have a clue to what the real problem is. Instead you get a cryptic error code:

 App-V Error Code

It's hard enough for experts who work with the product daily to understand these. (We google the community sites for ideas.) Your typical help desk person doesn't have a chance. To help with this, I created a new free tool to provide some organized help with App-V Client errors. 

This tool, called  A Failure To Launch,  is a Silverlight app that allows you to search for information on an error code produced by the App-V Client by using the last 8 or 10 digits. But rather than a search list of a bunch of people that had the problem, you get a concise set of information for the error code.

For each of the codes covered, the tool provides information about the cause (or possible causes), troubleshooting techniques or recommended actions, and links to Microsoft KB Articles when they exist. The tool also explains the error code format, and has an interesting flow chart showing the steps that the client and server go through to launch an application with links to the various errors. 

Not all client errors are covered, and the flow chart is a “best guess” and is known to be inaccurate on some details.  Most of the information in the tool can be found on the web somewhere, but some is not. Some comes from painstaking attempts to break the system in ingenious ways, and some comes from tips provided to be by friends. (A special mention goes out to fellow MVP Nicke Kallen.) I'll update the tool from time to time with these. Ultimately, the tool makes for a convenient first place to look. If you don't find it there, please send me some information on the error code and what you found to solve it. I will update the tool every so often!

I wrote the tool in Silverlight because you can install the app on any Silverlight-enabled device and then run the tool offline. To do so, just go to the tool off of the website. When it loads, right click in an open area and select the “install” option for the app. Now you can launch it anytime from your start menu, even disconnected from the Internet! Since I will be updating, you might want to check back now and then and download the latest version.

The "Failure to Launch" tool is available from the Application Virtualization Central  page of my website, just below the "OSD Illustrated"  tool.


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Kimmo Jernstrom wrote re: "A Failure to Launch:" a new free tool for App-V troubleshooting
on Mon, Nov 1 2010 8:12 AM Link To This Comment

Thanks Tim, nice tooling!

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