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Syndicated Industry Blogs from around the Web -

July 2008 - Shawn Bass Shawn Bass

  • Default location for VM creation in Virtual PC 2007

    A client of mine has standardized on Virtual PC 2007 for desktop virtual machine needs (not for their VDI or Server VMs, but just simple desktop VM needs). They recently created a transform for customizing the default install, but after deployment noticed...
    Published Jul 09 2008 by Shawn Bass , 1,150 views, 0 comments
  • Citrix Delivery Center Visio Stencils

    Daniel Feller from the Citrix Worldwide Consulting Solutions group has posted a nice set of Visio Stencils for the new Citrix Delivery Center components. This includes visio shapes for all the new XenApp branded components as well as XenDesktop, XenServer...
    Published Jul 03 2008 by Shawn Bass , 2,094 views, 0 comments
  • I've been selected by Microsoft as a Terminal Server MVP

    I received an email yesterday that I was nominated and approved for a Microsoft MVP in Terminal Services. What can I say other than I'm honored to be included in such a great group of people who contribute so much to the community at large. Thanks...
    Published Jul 02 2008 by Shawn Bass , 1,088 views, 0 comments
  • Virtualize a Citrix server?

    The age old question of whether or not you should virtualize a Citrix server. It use to be a diffcult question because the virtualization platforms were not very optimized for a Terminal Server workload. Many things have changed in this regard, and now...
    Published Jul 01 2008 by Shawn Bass , 1,233 views, 0 comments
  • Process Monitor has been updated to support the latest SoftGrid / App-V Release Candidate

    I recently came across this blog entry posted on the App-V blog stating that Process Monitor was recently updated to support the new App-V Release Candidate that was just released last week. You can get version 1.35 of Process Monitor here . Also, did...
    Published Jul 01 2008 by Shawn Bass , 1,194 views, 0 comments