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Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5, Virtual Fantasy or Actual Reality?!

Written on Jul 02 2008 7,852 views, 3 comments

by Ruben Spruijt

Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 is the new name for Microsoft SoftGrid and is Microsoft’s application virtualization solution. In this article, Ruben Spruijt explains what the essential advantages of application virtualization are, and more specifically, what the new functionalities and application scenarios of Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) 4.5 are. Sooner or later, later everyone will be using this form of virtualization. Ruben is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with you and exclaims, “Application Virtualization is the way to go!”

The complete article in English can be downloaded here, a Dutch version is also available here


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Guest wrote i thought it was called App-V
on Thu, Jul 3 2008 10:38 PM Link To This Comment
Ruben Spruijt wrote Re: i thought it was called App-V
on Fri, Jul 4 2008 12:17 AM Link To This Comment

Yes, it's called App-V. I wrote this article before that annoucement..

Guest wrote Not with MS
on Sun, Jul 6 2008 5:04 PM Link To This Comment
MS is going only even going to build good enough products for average joe company. In other words slow progress forward, they don't need to innnovate on top. They will simply buy. So MS APP-V is really not that exiting for a while, while there are other who will innovate this to the next level. Perhaps with gates gone, this mind set will change.

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