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Syndicated Industry Blogs from around the Web -

October 2009 - Rene Vester Rene Vester

  • Cool news from the RDS Team at Microsoft

    So there has been a couple of cool announcements from the RDS(formerly Terminal Services) team at Microsoft these last few weeks, i want to mention a few of them as i find them pretty great. Will Windows XP ever really die? Maybe this is the primary platform...
    Published Oct 30 2009 by Rene Vester , 1,027 views, 0 comments
  • Office 2010: The Movie

    Sometimes companies pull of ads with as high an entertainment value as marketing value.. does that make sense.. anyway once in a while i find people hit right on the mark This is an example of that: So far Office 2010 looks great, cant wait to see how...
    Published Oct 30 2009 by Rene Vester , 890 views, 0 comments
  • Yay! Citrix Receiver for Windows and Merchandising server 1.1 is here!

    A while back Citrix announced and released their a way for Citrix customers to distribute and manage the needed clients in the infrastructure. I personally love the idea, and think it is a great initiative, however version 1.0 was a bit limited, so i...
    Published Oct 30 2009 by Rene Vester , 1,000 views, 0 comments
  • CTP Conference November 2009 – Got questions?

    Hey folks, Recently i was honored to be awarded the Citrix Technology Professional Award and now i am in the final stages of preparing for the CTP Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida next week. I will be attending the conference and hopefully gain...
    Published Oct 29 2009 by Rene Vester , 852 views, 0 comments
  • XenDesktop 4 Licensing explained in 3×140 chars :-)

    CitrixLicensing #XD4 1 CCU = unlimited Virtual DESKTOPS to each ANONYMOUS User & Device for any given period of activity only. CitrixLicensing #XD4 1 1 Device = unlimited Virtual DESKTOPS & unlimited Virtual APPLICATIONS via one DEVICE that can...
    Published Oct 24 2009 by Rene Vester , 874 views, 0 comments
  • Here at CUGTech in Norway!

    Snow outside.. not a lot but some.. enough. The setting is great and we are just about ready to start, seems like Kenneth Beck has prepared an intro video again this year cant wait for this event to get going The Agenda is packed this time around a lot...
    Published Oct 08 2009 by Rene Vester , 782 views, 0 comments