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Michel Roth

  • Windows 2003 Terminal Server Freezing At User Logoff?

    Today I ran into this article (actually one of the Provision Networks developers pointed this one out to me) that reads like CSI: Terminal Server. The author of the article explains how they found the cause of SP1 and SP2 2003 Terminal Servers freezing...
    Published Apr 11 2008 by Michel Roth , 1,699 views, 0 comments
  • A First look at RTO Virtual Profiles

    A couple of months ago I noticed that RTO was offering a new product called RTO Virtual Profiles. I also said it was probably just another Flex Profiles clone. As it turns out I was quite wrong. Wrong in that the product wasn't officially released...
    Published Apr 10 2008 by Michel Roth , 2,528 views, 2 comments
  • DeNamiK LoadGen 1.3 Released

    I just got the heads up from DeNamiK that they are about to release the fourth incarnation of their popular Load-testing tool, DeNamiK LoadGen. This version packs some interesting new features as well as some changes in the licensing. For those of you...
    Published Apr 08 2008 by Michel Roth , 955 views, 0 comments
  • Building Dynamic Start Menus With Access-Based Enumeration

    Something as trivial as populating a Start Menu can prove to be a more time consuming task than you would expect at first. Especially in larger environment this really needs to get some thought. If you don't have access to thirdparty tools that automatically...
    Published Apr 07 2008 by Michel Roth , 1,396 views, 0 comments
  • Published Applications Utility Updated - Not Free Anymore

    One of the tools that I consider to be very valuable is the Published Applications Utility or PAU for short. Well, there's good news and bad news about this tool. The good news is that it has been updated packing new features. The bad news is that...
    Published Apr 07 2008 by Michel Roth , 926 views, 0 comments
  • Vmware Workstation 6.5 Beta 1 With Unity Released

    VMware made the fist public beta of Vmware Workstation 6.5 available. Vmware Workstation 6.5 is the first version of VMware workstation on Windows that supports the Unity feature and other cool improvements. What is Unity again? Unity is for VMware Workstation...
    Published Apr 04 2008 by Michel Roth , 1,429 views, 2 comments
  • Updating Of Offline Virtual Machines In VDI Environments

    Depending on the way you deploy your virtual desktops in VDI environments, you still need to have some kind of updating / patch strategy. Whether it be patching "the golden image" or "subscribed desktops" there's still and Windows...
    Published Apr 02 2008 by Michel Roth , 767 views, 0 comments
  • Sun Releases VDI 2.0

    Sun is out to shine their light on the VDI market as well. They have just announced that they have released version 2.0 of their VDI product (or rather their broker) simply called Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Software 2.0. Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure...
    Published Apr 02 2008 by Michel Roth , 1,618 views, 2 comments
  • visionapp Workspace Management 2008 Review

    I have ran into visionapp Workspace Management a couple of times before but never really got around to trying it out. It looks like a very nice product. There were even rumors at some point that Microsoft was buying this tool. No need to take a look anymore...
    Published Apr 02 2008 by Michel Roth , 993 views, 0 comments
  • Default Printer Utility DEFSET Updated

    The popular DEFSET Utility from Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy has been updated with a host of additional options for administrators. DEFSET is a standalone Windows GUI tool designed to manage default printer selections on a per user basis This tool is suited...
    Published Apr 02 2008 by Michel Roth , 1,032 views, 0 comments
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