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September 2008 - Michael Keen Michael Keen

  • Citrix stock performance: What's going on?

    I have seen a few replies to Brian's post about VMware and Citrix getting together and around the fact that the WSJ reported an uptick in trading volume of CTXS. What's up? Speculation is what's up....
    Published Sep 26 2008 by Michael Keen , 6,697 views, 27 comments
  • IT and today's economic conditions: Some thoughts

    We all hear the news; bailouts, volatile currency markets, energy prices, etc. It's enough to make a sane person mad. Every morning I get the headlines on my RSS readers, my Kindle downloads the latest edition of Financial Times (it's the only...
    Published Sep 26 2008 by Michael Keen , 3,257 views, 1 comment
  • How to get your IT project funded: Build a Solid Business Case: Step 2, Criteria

    Sorry for the delay in getting the next step posted up, VMWorld got in my way. Now that VMWorld is over and I had some downtime on the plane ride I figured I'd get the next post polished up and finished....
    Published Sep 22 2008 by Michael Keen , 2,407 views, 0 comments
  • VMWorld 2008: My analysis and review

    As we all know VMware spent last week laying out their vision for the future of virtualization and computing. I think from a higher level they laid out a strategy on how to give the business what they need; a strategic partner and an enabler of business strategy with a highly flexible and agile infrastructure....
    Published Sep 21 2008 by Michael Keen , 6,951 views, 18 comments
  • Demo of the vCloud initiative from VMWorld 2008

    well it's taken some time to get this up and ready. I had to wait until I got back home to get some better bandwidth, so I'm sharing with you all a six minute video demo of the ability to scale out to the cloud. This is the Beehive acquisition...
    Published Sep 20 2008 by Michael Keen , 3,661 views, 2 comments
  • A big question I am getting asked: What do you think of Paul Maritz?

    I have had about 20 or people ask me, "what do you think of Paul Maritz?" and after a conversation I had with Kevin Goodman, CEO of RTO Software, I decided to post up my thoughts and what I think of VMware's new CEO. First, let me say that...
    Published Sep 17 2008 by Michael Keen , 3,223 views, 4 comments
  • Have you heard of: ThinLaunch

    most people haven't but I spent about 45 minutes with Michael Cardinal, Sales Director and got the rundown of what they are all about. You can check it out here as well. They are a company that saw a lengthy, manual process and decided to create something...
    Published Sep 17 2008 by Michael Keen , 4,732 views, 11 comments
  • VMworld 2008 keynote updates

    well no internet, tables or power. Bad cell reception to Twitterific feeds didn't work either..ARGHHHH

    Published Sep 16 2008 by Michael Keen , 4,942 views, 11 comments
  • VMWorld Iowa/Nebraska Hospitality Suite info

    I have gotten many emails on the reply that I had to Ron O's reply about the Iowa/Nebraska Hospitality Suite. So I thought that I would make it available to those folks and any others in the states that surround Iowa (MN, WI, IL, MO, NE, SD, KS)....
    Published Sep 10 2008 by Michael Keen , 2,507 views, 2 comments
  • Citrix Delivery Center Live event post mortem; What did you think?

    I attended the Citrix Delivery Center Live event yesterday and I have to say that I was very impressed with the medium and format that Citrix put together with the virtual tradeshow. I think it was very well executed and showed the someone at Citrix Product...
    Published Sep 10 2008 by Michael Keen , 4,657 views, 17 comments
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