Good and BlackBerry both made announcements today. Here's a quick recap. - Jack Madden -
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Good and BlackBerry both made announcements today. Here's a quick recap.

Written on Jun 25 2013 6,743 views, 0 comments

by Jack Madden

Good Technology and BlackBerry both made mobile app management-related announcements today. There were no surprises, though—it's just products that we already knew about that are getting released.


Remember from last year that good acquired a file syncing product, Copiun, and an app wrapping product, AppCentral. I wrote at the time that these two acquisitions would fill out Good's offerings, adding missing components. Today Good announced that they're done with all the integration work, and everything is coming together under the umbrella of the Good Secure Mobility Solution. The other news for today is that Good for Enterprise now supports Windows Phone 8.

So to put this all together, here are all the parts that Good has now:

  • App wrapping for MAM
  • The Good Dynamics SDK for MAM
  • Partner apps through the Good Dynamics Marketplace. (They also put out a press release highlighting recent additions.)
  • File syncing and SharePoint integration with Good Share
  • Good For Enterprise, including their app for email, calendar, contacts, document viewing, tasks, and browsing.
  • Good Connect, a secure instant messaging app.


BlackBerry has had MDM for iOS and Android for a while now, and today they're releasing their mobile app management suite. We've known about this for a while, and Jim Furbush reported that it's a white label of OpenPeak. It includes includes an app for email, calendar, and contacts, a document editing app, and a secure browser, as well as an app wrapping tool. What's unique about BlackBerry's MAM for iOS Android is that the traffic is routed through their network operations center, just like for BlackBerry devices. The best part abut this is that BlackBerry is offering a free license trade-up program. That means that the thousands of companies out there that have had BES for years can now have MDM and MAM for iOS and Android for no additional cost.

CORRECTION Tuesday June 25, 2:10pm PST: The mobile app management products for iOS and Android (BlackBerry Secure Work Space) are licensed separately from the mobile device management portion. Also, the license trade up program only applies to BlackBerry 10 devices, not iOS and Android. So that means if you want to do MDM and MAM for iOS and Android, you'll have to buy more licenses.


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