Remember Wyse Project Stratus? It’s out. iPhone, Android, and thin client management all with one tool! - Jack Madden -
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Remember Wyse Project Stratus? It’s out. iPhone, Android, and thin client management all with one tool!

Written on Nov 07 2012 6,468 views, 0 comments

by Jack Madden

Today Dell Wyse is releasing their Cloud Client Manager (formerly known as Project Stratus) It brings management for mobile devices, thin clients, and PocketCloud together into one package. Let’s take a look at all the pieces and why they’re a good fit.

The components

The mobile device management component, which supports iOS and Android, came from Wyse’s acquisition of Trellia about a year ago. This is pretty standard MDM, but of course the value of any particular MDM product is through what it does to scale and integrate the basic device management process. In this case, the value comes from integration with the overall Cloud Client Management platform. Dell Wyse also emphasised mobile app management capabilities, but it’s important to note that these are the capabilities that come with managing a device—such as blacklisting and whitelisting, installing corporate apps through provisioning profiles, or suggesting public apps—not the individual app level security features and hooks we associate with a lot of MAM products. For a closer look, check out this this video we shot back in May at Synergy when Project Stratus went into public beta.

Thin clients and zero clients can be managed with minimal user interaction—think remote employees getting thin clients sent to them and setting them up just by going to a self-service web portal. (Gabe and Jeff McNaught talk a bit about this at 6 minutes into this video from Synergy.)

The highly acclaimed Wyse PocketCloud can also come under the management of the Cloud Client Manager now. While it started out as a consumer app, IT can now plug in security and settings for accessing corporate desktops.

Putting all the pieces together

At first it glance it might seem like iPhones and thin clients have much in common—after all, nobody does BYO-thin client, right? But between mobile devices, PocketCloud, and thin clients, there are many different policies, management tasks, and settings that carry over from one type of endpoint to another. So why have a different backend for each one when a single product could take care of all of them?  And considering that in a lot of companies the same admin could be managing all of these endpoints, putting everything together makes a lot of sense. On the other side, users can enroll mobile devices, their copies of PocketCloud, or thin clients all through a single web portal.

Active Directory integration is on its way but not included in this release. For right now Cloud Client Manager (did anyone else like the name “Stratus” better?) has all the expected options to build policies, set alerts, and run reports for the collective endpoints.

What’s next for Dell Wyse’s mobility plans? They wouldn’t give any specifics, but they did mention more more developments around app and content management for next year. That sounds like it could mean actual mobile app management products, more individual apps, or real file-syncing with varied back-end storage options. It’s not too much of a leap to see them going after more MAM—after all, it’s all just endpoints, whether they’re devices or apps.



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