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Good Technology acquires file syncing company Copiun

Written on Sep 06 2012 6,034 views, 1 comment

by Jack Madden

Yesterday Good Technology acquired Copiun, a mobile file syncing and collaboration company. Good Technology has long been established as a dominant third-party mobile email client provider, and they also have a foothold in the mobile application management space. More recently, however, Good has been challenged by a wave of companies—including startups and established vendors—that have been entering the space. Acquiring Copiun gives Good two benefits: it allows them to continue to assert their presence in the space, and completes their product portfolio.

How file syncing makes Good more complete

The combination of a third-party email client, managed applications, and a file syncing app is on it's way to becoming the most common way of keeping personal and corporate data separated on mobile devices. The email clients that are built-in to Android and iOS are designed so that any random app can open attachments, access contacts, and send emails—an obvious security risk for corporate data. Third-party clients like Good for Enterprise eliminate this risk by only allowing certain apps to access the email client. In the case of Good, those would be apps that have been developed with the Good Dynamics SDK. The Good Dynamics SDK offers tools to manage apps (things like remote wiping, passwords, encryption) and wire them into each other.

A mobile file syncing app is the obvious counterpart to an email client and managed apps. Typically these file syncing apps plug into corporate storage on one end, and the corporate managed email client and apps on the mobile device. Good never really had anything quite like this until yesterday's acquisition of Copiun. On mobile devices, a Copiun/Good file syncing app will be able to connect to corporate apps and email using the Good Dynamics SDK. Copiun also has some collaboration features and can be plugged into Microsoft SharePoint.


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Melisa Msc It Projects wrote re: Good Technology acquires file syncing company Copiun

Heyy nice writing there... not many file syncing articles available on the internet today..

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