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Mobile technologies from the RSA Conference 2012 expo

Written on Mar 02 2012 5,140 views, 0 comments

by Jack Madden

The 2012 RSA Conference was in San Francisco this week, and I was able to attend a few sessions and check out the expo hall. While security isn't really our main focus here, there were a lot of relevant sessions and vendors at the show.

Most of the sessions I attended were related to the nitty-gritty of securing mobile applications and mobile devices—expect some articles in the coming weeks digging into the subject. Overall, it was a pretty cool show. I met some great people whose brains I want to pick, and I'm looking forward to it again next year.

In the expo hall, I shot videos with these vendors: (Click for videos on separate pages.)


  • Appthority Appthority is a mobile app testing service that integrates with MDM or app store platforms. It can test publicly available or in-house apps for malicious code, sloppy code that isn't intentionally malicious but potentially insecure anyway, or to find out what APIs an app is calling. (For example, if your flashlight app is reaching into your phone's address book, then it just might be malware.)
  • Accellion Accellion provides file sharing and mobile data management; it plugs into a lot of corporate features on the back end, but it seems flexible enough to stay out of the way for users.
  • Koolspan Koolspan makes encryption engines on microSD card sized chips. They were showing an encrypted VoIP app, but it seems like there would be lots of other possibilities for the technology. Unless your phone doesn't have a microSD card slot...
  • Mobile Active Defense This company was doing a bit of viral marketing by passing out coasters that said "MDM is not security." They were successful in attracting my attention, and it turns out their solution is MDM combined with an always-on IPSec VPN—so everything on and off of the mobile device goes through a firewall.



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