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Syndicated Industry Blogs from around the Web -

September 2008 - Helge Klein Helge Klein

  • VMware vs. Microsoft: Why Memory Overcommitment is Useful in Production and Why Microsoft Denies it

    In the ongoing virtualization war much has been written (pro and con) about the value of memory overcommitment, a feature VMware ESX has and Microsoft Hyper-V is lacking (XenServer, too, for that matter). But only few people take a look at what the term...
    Published Sep 25 2008 by Helge Klein , 1,450 views, 0 comments
  • Why Disabling the Creation of 8.3 DOS File Names Will Not Improve Performance. Or Will It?

    It is a common practice amongst administrators to disable the creation of short filenames on NTFS. I freely admit to have recommended this in the past. Was I wrong? Background NTFS is relatively relaxed about file names. They can be quite long (255 characters...
    Published Sep 22 2008 by Helge Klein , 1,302 views, 0 comments
  • Choosing a Future-Proof Internal DNS Domain Name: Mission Impossible?

    Choosing a domain name that will only be visible from an internal network may look simple. Unfortunately, it is not. The basic problem: How to avoid collisions between the internal namespace and the internet? I ran into this question when I recently installed...
    Published Sep 15 2008 by Helge Klein , 1,522 views, 0 comments
  • My New Book is Out: Windows Server 2008 Command Line Reference

    The command line is a powerful tool. Many a tedious task can be offloaded to a cleverly written script. Scripts and batch files, however, are like tool boxes without too many tools (which relates more to batch files than scripts). To become truly powerful...
    Published Sep 02 2008 by Helge Klein , 1,452 views, 0 comments