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Citrix says 500 ISVs will wrap apps for XenMobile by end of year

Written on May 24 2013 5,434 views, 1 comment

by Colin Steele

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Citrix XenMobile had Synergy attendees abuzz this week, even though some aren't ready for that level of mobile adoption just yet. The product was a big part of Wednesday's fairly in-depth keynote, but a few details went uncovered. Here are some of this week's biggest questions about XenMobile -- and, more importantly, their answers.

How many Worx-enabled apps will there be?

Citrix aimed to make it as easy as possible for developers to add their apps to XenMobile, and it seems to be working. Eighty apps will be available at next month's launch, and a lot more are on the way.

"We're going to have 500 ISVs on this by the end of the year," said Amit Pandey, Citrix's general manager for mobility.

Where do Worx-enabled apps come from?

Independent software vendors (ISVs) can make their apps Worx-enabled (i.e., able to be wrapped and managed by XenMobile) by adding one line of code to their programs. This code points to a library that actually provides the management and security interface to XenMobile, but developers don't have to worry about that.

Once Worx-enabled, the apps go in their respective public app stores (Apple's App Store, Google Play, etc.). The enterprise application store within XenMobile simply provides an IT-managed and -branded interface to those stores, Pandey said.

What operating systems does XenMobile's MAM support?

The mobile application management (MAM) component of XenMobile runs on iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, BlackBerry and even Symbian. It supports native mobile apps on iOS and Android.

What happened to CloudGateway?

CloudGateway, Citrix's first foray into MAM, is no more. Everything that product did is now available in the MAM-only version of XenMobile, which is called App Edition, as well as the full-featured enterprise edition.


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