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  • Microsoft introduces Enterprise State Roaming – the new roaming profile

    Microsoft have announced the public preview of something called Enterprise State Roaming. Is this (finally) the solution for your roaming profile woes? Let's take a look. These roaming controls for Windows 10 devices is just available in "supported...
    Michel Roth on February 05, 2016 : 0 comments , 46 views
  • Office365 on RDSH / XenApp Tips

    This article contains some important tips on getting Office365 to play nicely on RDSH / XenApp - something that doesn't exactly happen out of the box as you probably know. Marius provides tips in the following areas: Federation and sync Installing...
    Michel Roth on February 05, 2016 : 0 comments , 33 views
  • Citrix Releases Single Download to deliver Skype for Business from XenApp and XenDesktop

    With XenApp and Xendesktop, if you wanted to use Skype for Business then you had to first download and install Citrix Receiver and then repeat the process for the HDX RealTime Media Engine. Not anymore. Not a huge deal but important to know. The new Read...
    Michel Roth on February 05, 2016 : 0 comments , 79 views
  • BriForum 2016 London and Boston Details, plus Call for Papers is open! (Two more weeks to submit!)

    We bumped up the Call for Papers announcement today because there are only 2 weeks to go until the submission deadline. If you're ready to submit your session, click the button below. If you're not familiar with the process, read on for the complete rules...
    Gabe Knuth on February 05, 2016 : 0 comments , 4,110 views
  • Why Sizing for Averages is a Bad Idea

    When sizing a new environment it is tempting to use averages. It seems the logical thing to do. But is also guarantees a bad user experience. Example: Sizing an RDS or XenApp Farm Let’s say your tasked with building a new Citrix XenApp farm. Being...
    Helge Klein on February 04, 2016 : 0 comments , 38 views
  • Amazon WorkSpaces Updated – New Capabilities Added

    Arguably the biggest DaaS provider on the planet, Amazon (AWS) has quietly updated their offering: Amazon Workspaces now has some new capabilities. Audio-In Being able to make and to receive calls from your desktop can boost your productivity. Using the...
    Michel Roth on February 04, 2016 : 0 comments , 40 views
  • Five End-User Computing Predictions for 2016

    by Shawn Bass, CTO, Desktop Technologies, End-User Computing So many times people make outrageous predictions for what will come in the next year for IT trends that most often are completely and utterly wrong. I think the issue is that people like to...
    VMware End User Computing on February 04, 2016 : 0 comments , 36 views
  • Parallels releases Remote Application Server version 15

    Parallels just released Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) version 15. Never heard of Parallels Remote Application Server? Well maybe you know/knew 2X? That's what this product has become after the acquisition of 2X by Parallels almost one...
    Michel Roth on February 04, 2016 : 0 comments , 37 views
  • NRG Global / Citrix Ready - Software Quality Assurance and Testing Podcast - Episode 235

    In episode 236, Douglas Brown interviews NRG Global's Sam Benihya, Technical Director at NRG Global. Plus, we are happy to have Anil Kumar from Citrix Ready with us to discuss the Citrix Ready point of view! Together we... Visit for...
    Douglas Brown - Radio on February 04, 2016 : 0 comments , 28 views
  • Liquidware Labs' ProfileUnity updates adds side-by-side DLLs for fewer FlexApp conflicts

    Back in December, Liquidware Labs shipped the latest version of the ProfileUnity in late December and announced it at Citrix Summit in late January. The latest version, 6.5.1, includes a few updates like support for Windows 10 and the ability to support...
    Gabe Knuth on February 04, 2016 : 2 comments , 1,133 views
  • New Video Exclusive: What is the Digital Workspace?

    We’re mere days away from VMware’s biggest breaking news event of the year. And we have your exclusive pass to finally answering the question that will transform businesses across the world: What is the digital workspace? On Tuesday, February...
    VMware End User Computing on February 03, 2016 : 0 comments , 45 views
  • Cumulative Hotfix 591746 for 8.6 MR1 vWorkspace Windows Connector

    This is a Mandatory Hotfix 591746 for vWorkspace 8.6 MR1 for the Windows Connector role. Below is the list of issues addressed in this hotfix. Windows connector fails to launch in Desktop Integrated mode when unanticipated shortcuts exist...( read more...
    The Official Quest Software Desktop Virtualization Group Blog on February 03, 2016 : 0 comments , 35 views
  • The Parallel History of the Smartphone & Mobile World Congress

    by Gregory Lehrer, senior director of technology alliances, VMware End-user Computing Once upon a time in the smartphone world, there were two major operating systems that dominated the market. End users from the consumer or the corporate world were quickly...
    VMware End User Computing on February 03, 2016 : 0 comments , 37 views
  • ASUS and Ericom Partner to Deliver Browser-Based Access to Windows Desktops and Applications on Chromebooks and Tablets

    Ericom is hanging in there. Recently they announced a partnership with ASUS around their HTML5 RDP Client. I wonder what happens when Microsoft releases their HTML5 client. I guess the fact that it requires a forklift upgrade to WS 2016 will help Ericom...
    Michel Roth on February 03, 2016 : 0 comments , 42 views
  • VMware Announces App Volumes 3.0 – Here’s what’s new

    VMware's Harry Labana (@harrylabana ) has announced VMware App Volumes 3.0 - a major release that is planned to bring some great new capabilities. Here is what is new.Or better said what 'will be' new because it is not available yet but it...
    Michel Roth on February 03, 2016 : 0 comments , 44 views
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