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  • VMware Horizon FLEX and View Local Mode: Similar Features, But Definitely Not the Same

    By Gina Daly, Technical Writer for Technical Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware VMware View Client with Local Mode has been removed from Horizon 6 with View. But did you know that VMware Horizon FLEX offers a similar offline desktop solution? In this...
    VMware End User Computing on December 17, 2014 : 0 comments , 47 views
  • Reboot Script for XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x (for 24x7 environments)

    Some years ago I already published a reboot script for XenApp 6.5 . Also Citrix did a good job to make the reboot possibilities within the Citrix policies more flexible and robust. The only real disadvantage is the possibility to disable the logon possibilities...
    Wilco van Bragt on December 17, 2014 : 0 comments , 48 views
  • VDI is the answer for people who have to do *something* but don't know what that something is

    VDI is the future! VDI could be the future? VDI might be the future? Is VDI the future? "Hey! We need to do something to future proof our enterprise. Cloud. BYO-something. Compliance. Desktops are dead. Consumerization. New employees. ROI! Tablets......
    Brian Madden on December 17, 2014 : 4 comments , 1,438 views
  • VMware Development Labs Sneak Peek: Serial Redirection in Horizon with View

    By Peter Brown, Senior R&D Manager, VMware, London, UK With this blog, we introduce a new series of occasional End-User-Computing blogs called Sneak Peeks, where we discuss features and functionality we are working on. This gives us a chance to share...
    VMware End User Computing on December 16, 2014 : 0 comments , 117 views
  • What’s New in uberAgent 2.1

    In version 2.1 uberAgent collects detailed ICA, PCoIP and RDP remoting client properties. Yes, that is right, we have added support for VMware Horizon View to our user experience and application performance monitoring product. Read on for more goodness...
    Helge Klein on December 16, 2014 : 0 comments , 111 views
  • News of 16 December 2014

    Receiver Desktop Lock Review and AppVolumes with XenDesktop introduction. Read more... Read More...
    Wilco van Bragt on December 16, 2014 : 0 comments , 46 views
  • VMware Fusion 7 Wins Editor’s Choice Award!

    By Nannette Vilushis, Senior Product Marketing Manager, End-User Computing, VMware Although Christmas doesn’t arrive for another two weeks, the VMware Fusion team received an early holiday delight from – an Editors’ Choice award for VMware Fusion...
    VMware End User Computing on December 16, 2014 : 0 comments , 73 views
  • Google has made Android Work beta trials available through EMM partners

    Android Lollipop has been out for over a month, but when it comes to Android Work, both Google and third-party enterprise mobility management vendors have been pretty quiet. In other words, we’re still waiting. However, apparently there’s...
    Jack Madden on December 16, 2014 : 0 comments , 3,554 views
  • hopTo: Mobile Productivity Done Right Podcast with Eldad Eilam and Robin Brandl - December 16, 2014 - Episode 226

    In episode 226, Douglas Brown interviews Eldad Eilam, President & CEO and Robin Brandl, Vice President of Products at hopTo. Eldad, Robin and Douglas discuss hopTo’s mobile workforce productivity solution.... Visit for more Virtualization...
    Douglas Brown - Radio on December 15, 2014 : 0 comments , 37 views
  • If HP's revolutionary "machine" really shrinks a datacenter to the size of a refrigerator, what will it mean for us?

    You've probably read about the HP Labs research project called " The Machine "—which HP says will use "electrons for computation, photons for communication, and ions for storage." This is one of those things that we hear about every so often that...
    Brian Madden on December 15, 2014 : 4 comments , 3,113 views
  • Attention UK Mac Users - keyboard mapping

    Hello Guys and Girls, I was talking to a customer the other day about Macs and he mentioned that one of his bugbears was not being able to use his mac keyboard properly. For example, The \ key is obviously very helpful when connecting to a share \\server...
    The Official Quest Software Desktop Virtualization Group Blog on December 12, 2014 : 0 comments , 69 views
  • News of 12 december 2014

    GPU acceleration on Browser CPU usage, documenting VMware vCenter, Secure XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6 ICA connections. Read more... Read More...
    Wilco van Bragt on December 12, 2014 : 0 comments , 74 views
  • With all the talk of enterprise file sync and share, have all the angles been covered? Unifyle thinks not.

    You’d think that by now that all the angles for enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) have been thoroughly explored. However the folks at Unifyle say that’s not the case, and that there’s a need for EFSS products that do a better job...
    Jack Madden on December 12, 2014 : 2 comments , 1,571 views
  • Announcing GA of Disaster Recovery to Azure - Purpose-Built for Branch Offices and SMB

    Today, we are excited to announce the GA for Branch Office and SMB Disaster Recovery to Azure . Azure Site Recovery delivers a simpler, reliable & cost effective Disaster Recovery solution to Branch Office and SMB customers. ASR with new Hyper-V Virtual...
    Windows Virtualization Team Blog on December 11, 2014 : 0 comments , 89 views
  • Windows Apps in the Cloud: Azure RemoteApp Now Generally Available

    Hello Everyone, We broke the news to you last week that we plan to make Azure RemoteApp generally available. The day is upon us. With today’s release, Azure RemoteApp is now general ly available! Starting today, Azure RemoteApp is available for purchase...
    Terminal Services Team Blog on December 11, 2014 : 0 comments , 68 views
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