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  • News of 19 September 2014

    vCenter Installable v Appliance, ASW Instance Manager and Citrix Director Tool. Read more... Read More...
    Wilco van Bragt on September 19, 2014 : 0 comments , 38 views
  • Tablets make people hate VDI, when really they should make them hate Windows apps

    Last week during the podcast we did with Raytheon, we got to talking about VMI (like VDI, but instead of desktop clients connecting to remote virtual desktops, it's mobile clients connecting to remote virtual mobile apps). The topic of "user experience...
    Brian Madden on September 19, 2014 : 4 comments , 1,905 views
  • New View Security Overview Now Available

    By Gary Sloane, VMware End-User-Computing Consultant Do you remember the guy from Los Alamos who lost a laptop full of weapon plans? How about that database of veterans’ names and social security numbers accidentally left in an airport? Losses like...
    VMware End User Computing on September 18, 2014 : 0 comments , 50 views
  • NVIDIA Recap from VMworld 2014

    By Geoff Murase, Solutions Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware Now that you’ve hopefully recovered from the hustle and bustle of VMworld in late August, let’s review the plethora of activity that NVIDIA was involved in at VMworld in the U.S. First,...
    VMware End User Computing on September 18, 2014 : 0 comments , 53 views
  • Unifyle: Mobilize your enterprise data Podcast with Srinivasa Venkataraman - September 18, 2014 Episode 219

    In episode 219, Douglas Brown interviews Srinivasa Venkataraman, Co-Founder and CEO at Unifyle. Srinivasa and Douglas dive deep in to the Unifyle data management solution. Srinivasa explains why they built it, how it... Visit for more Virtualization...
    Douglas Brown - Radio on September 18, 2014 : 0 comments , 41 views
  • Citrix adds two mobile device rock stars through their acquisition of Virtual. Here’s our analysis:

    When a rumor gets as hot as the one that broke on TechCruch yesterday about an acquisition, you know something is in the works. Today, we got confirmation from Citrix that they have acquired a little-known company called Virtual, or depending...
    Gabe Knuth on September 18, 2014 : 0 comments , 3,156 views
  • News of 17 September 2014

    ShareFile Storagezone Passphrase, LB TFTP with NetScaler, Task Nanny and XenApp2Horizon. Read more... Read More...
    Wilco van Bragt on September 17, 2014 : 0 comments , 47 views
  • What’s New in uberAgent 2.0

    The most important change in version 2.0 of uberAgent is the new architecture. In addition to that we have made many other improvements, significantly reducing the agent’s footprint while increasing the quality of the collected data. Architecture...
    Helge Klein on September 17, 2014 : 0 comments , 45 views
  • Bank of Stockton Reference Implementation Case Study

    By Teresa Wingfield, Solutions Marketing Consultant, VMware Here are some highlights of a new VMware Reference Implementation Case Study for Bank of Stockton. This was an easy blog to write as I decided to just let the customer do most of the talking...
    VMware End User Computing on September 17, 2014 : 0 comments , 52 views
  • When it rains, it pours! Reddo Mobility introduces an HTML5 app-refactoring solution that doesn’t require clients or remote protocols

    Last week, Reddo Mobility , formerly called Gizmox, released the latest in a flurry of app-refactoring platforms. If you’ve heard of Gizmox before last week, you’re probably a developer. Their claim to fame for the last seven years has been...
    Gabe Knuth on September 17, 2014 : 4 comments , 3,369 views
  • Announcing VMware Mirage 5.1!

    By Sachin Sharma, Product Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware We introduced VMware Mirage 5.0 as part of our exciting Horizon 6 launch earlier this year. Since then, we’ve been hard at work enhancing the next version. And now, I’m pleased to announce...
    VMware End User Computing on September 16, 2014 : 0 comments , 65 views
  • News of 16 September 2014

    ThinIO public beta, Azure Upload VM and Performance impact HDX 3D Pro. Read more... Read More...
    Wilco van Bragt on September 16, 2014 : 0 comments , 54 views
  • Is it time for enterprise IT to use DevOps for smart automation of virtual desktop delivery?

    During my work life of the last decade at Login Consultants I have come across many large-scale RDSH and VDI environments. From my point of view, a lot of these environments suffer from similar structural issues. Over and over again, I see RDSH and VDI...
    Guest Bloggers on September 16, 2014 : 12 comments , 5,454 views
  • Industry Experts in End-User Computing – Gartner Analyst, Mark Margevicius and Industry Expert, Shawn Bass – Join VMware EUC Team

    By Sumit Dhawan, SVP and GM of Desktop Products, End-User Computing, VMware VMware made some exciting announcements at VMworld U.S. two weeks ago that showed our commitment to offering customers the most innovative solutions on the market for their journey...
    VMware End User Computing on September 15, 2014 : 0 comments , 95 views
  • AppSense shows final "polish" on their 8.5 version at VMworld

    In our final video from VMworld 2014 in San Francisco last month, I stopped by AppSense's booth to get a demo of their latest features. (You may recall that Gabe wrote the new 8.5 release last month , so this video is a demo of some of those features...
    Videos on September 15, 2014 : 0 comments , 2,583 views
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