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  • Road Trip! TechTalk Live is Visiting a City Near You to Showcase Horizon 6

    VMware is packing up its latest technology and heading out on the road to 35 cities in the US and Canada–from Atlanta to Vancouver, New York to Seattle (and everywhere in between) to give customers a closer look at VMware Horizon 6, which was just...
    VMware End User Computing on April 23, 2014 : 0 comments , 40 views
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview app for Windows Phone 8.1 available for download

    My name is David Bélanger, and I’m a program manager on the Remote Desktop team working on Remote Desktop apps for the different Windows platforms. Today, I’m happy to announce that a preview of the Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone 8.1 is now available...
    Terminal Services Team Blog on April 23, 2014 : 0 comments , 96 views
  • PVS Advanced Settings: What do with it

    When configuring Citrix Provisioning Services you will find the Advanced button within the properties of each PVS servers. There are pretty some settings available within this advanced part and when you are going to search for documentation you will find...
    Wilco van Bragt on April 23, 2014 : 0 comments , 30 views
  • News of 23 April 2014

    Microsoft RDS Policies explained and Hypervisor Alerts in Citrix Director. Read more... Read More...
    Wilco van Bragt on April 23, 2014 : 0 comments , 29 views
  • Dell Wyse Cloud Connect falls short in many areas, but management is a bright spot

    I’ve waffled back and forth on Android thin clients over the years. At first I thought they would be the next evolution of thin clients (which, in thin clients, even an evolution is revolutionary), but after I got my hands on an Android mini-PC...
    Gabe Knuth on April 23, 2014 : 8 comments , 1,463 views
  • Customer Spotlight: VMware Horizon Helps Fitchburg State University Reduce Help Desk Calls by 80%

    Guest blog by Bill Smeltzer, CTO of Focus Technology Solutions A constant flow of help desk calls used to be a normal day for Fitchburg State University (FSU) in Massachusetts, with malware and virus calls consuming hundreds of help desk hours. The challenges...
    VMware End User Computing on April 22, 2014 : 0 comments , 51 views
  • News of 22 april 2014

    Anonymous support FMA, Performance Test PVS Write Caches, LookAtAppVFile and VMware Heartbleed bugfixes. Read more... Read More...
    Wilco van Bragt on April 22, 2014 : 0 comments , 38 views
  • What if Google “got serious” with Android management? Meh, it wouldn’t matter!

    Most of the time when we talk about enterprise mobility management, we take the role of Android and Google for granted. The common knowledge (which was represented in my two recent articles covering the EMM platform market and the dual persona Android...
    Jack Madden on April 22, 2014 : 2 comments , 1,336 views
  • Customer Spotlight: ARcare, a Private Non-profit Healthcare Provider Horizon Solution Reference Implementation Case Study

    By Teresa Wingfield, End-User Computing Marketing Consultant As a member of the End-User Computing marketing team, it’s always gratifying to see VMware Horizon (with View) have a meaningful impact on our customer’s business, especially an organization...
    VMware End User Computing on April 21, 2014 : 0 comments , 52 views
  • The complete guide to dual persona work/personal Android devices! (Including Samsung Knox, VMware Horizon Mobile, and more!)

    You’ve probably heard about Samsung Knox or the VMware Horizon Mobile Virtualization Platform. These are the basis for specialized Android devices that have two user environments—one for all your work apps and data and one for your personal...
    Jack Madden on April 21, 2014 : 4 comments , 2,907 views
  • Safely Expanding Access to Applications

    Guest blog by Lori Mac Vittie, Senior Product Manager, Emerging Technologies #F5, #VMwareCloud and #Horizon6 are forcing us to think about access to what matters: applications. The industry often talks about how the data center perimeter is expanding...
    VMware End User Computing on April 18, 2014 : 0 comments , 58 views
  • Unidesk Brings Enhanced VDI Management to Horizon 6

    Guest blog by Tom Rose, Chief Marketing Officer, Unidesk Corporation Was it a coincidence that a new version of Unidesk was announced the same day as VMware Horizon 6? Or course not! Over 600 customers are using VMware Horizon with Unidesk, making us...
    VMware End User Computing on April 18, 2014 : 0 comments , 105 views
  • Delivering the Best Computing Platform for VMware Horizon 6

    Guest Blog by Jim McHugh, Vice President, Marketing, Cisco Unified Computing System Last week’s announcement at VMware highlights the continued innovation seen in the end-user computing space, and how important our virtualized or remoted desktop and application...
    VMware End User Computing on April 18, 2014 : 0 comments , 91 views
  • All the major software vendors are doing EMM now. Who will the winners and losers be?

    Over the last year, we’ve seen many of the largest software vendors move into enterprise mobility management, so naturally we’re all wondering how this will all shake out. Will EMM be an add-on product, with each solution pinned to the success...
    Jack Madden on April 18, 2014 : 1 comments , 2,555 views
  • The Speed of Life at the Scale of Enterprise

    Guest blog By Andy Fenselau, EMC XtremIO It’s all about the user experience. From its early days, IT has been all about keeping users happy. And now, more than ever, IT has to show its value to users—especially for desktop virtualization. “Users” are...
    VMware End User Computing on April 17, 2014 : 0 comments , 78 views
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