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  • Delivering Secure and Scalable Desktop as a Service

    Guest Blog by Dwayne Lessner, Technical Marketing Engineer, Nutanix, @dlink7 Security and flexibility don’t often end up in the same sentence, especially when it comes to delivering IT as a service. But VMware Horizon Air and Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure...
    VMware End User Computing on February 27, 2015 : 0 comments , 70 views
  • Workspace Environment Management with Horizon

    By Sachin Sharma, Product Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware A constant theme I hear when talking to customers about managing their virtual, physical, and cloud-hosted environments tends to center around the challenges they face with applications and...
    VMware End User Computing on February 27, 2015 : 0 comments , 73 views
  • Citrix Provisioning Services Design Part 2

    In this article (series) I will describe and discuss the PVS components you should consider when creating a PVS design. In part 1 I discussed a PVS Farm, Site, Device Collection, View, Store, Database and Load Balancing. In the second part I will continue...
    Wilco van Bragt on February 26, 2015 : 0 comments , 123 views
  • Parallels buys 2X Software

    Yesterday Parallels announced that they have acquired 2X software. Who is Parallels? Parallels is a virtualization software company with offerings that are similar to VMware. They have Mac-based client-focused solutions, including Parallels Containers...
    Brian Madden on February 26, 2015 : 3 comments , 2,848 views
  • News of 25 February 2015

    Office 365 in non-persistent VDI, vWorkspace Review, Parallels acquires 2X and RDSH versus VDI. Read More... Read More...
    Wilco van Bragt on February 25, 2015 : 0 comments , 135 views
  • Finding the Ideal Match With A New Desktop Assessment Service for VMware Horizon

    By Ben Goodman, VMware Horizon evangelist, End-User Computing, VMware When looking to make a large purchase such as buying a house, having informative data matters. Web-based solutions like, Trulia and Zillow offer information that helps people...
    VMware End User Computing on February 25, 2015 : 0 comments , 161 views
  • RDSH versus VDI: 2015 edition

    I've given a "TS versus VDI" presentation several times in the past. It began at BriForum 2008 Chicago, where I co-presented the topic with Benny Tritsch. In that presentation, Benny dressed up as the mature, "proper" solution (as TS was in those days...
    Brian Madden on February 25, 2015 : 9 comments , 3,877 views
  • Socialcast and the Annual Performance Review

    by Inna Fabrikant, Sr. Client Development Manager, Socialcast With 2014 in our rearview mirrors, many workplace conversations are turning to performance reviews. Employees are racking their brains trying to document all of their accomplishments over the...
    VMware End User Computing on February 24, 2015 : 0 comments , 196 views
  • Manual Folder Redirection with Symbolic Links

    This is a guest post by Bryan Chriscoli, who implemented an innovative alternative to folder redirection with the help of symbolic links, AppSense products and PowerShell scripting. All credit goes to him. Motivation Whilst I was still working for AppSense...
    Helge Klein on February 24, 2015 : 0 comments , 162 views
  • Five Analytics Features Every Socialcast Admin Should Use

    Social Business Intelligence (SBI), Socialcast’s in-app analytics platform, is enabled for all Socialcast communities and has many great features that add tremendous value for community administrators. Today, we would like to highlight some of the most...
    VMware End User Computing on February 24, 2015 : 0 comments , 200 views
  • Keep your workforce productive, even when disaster strikes

    If there’s one thing that’s certain, besides death and taxes, it’s the unpredictability of Nature. I was reminded of this recently, when my colleagues in Boston were buried under piles of snow, and thousands of people couldn’t drive into the office. Has...
    VMware End User Computing on February 24, 2015 : 0 comments , 165 views
  • I know you just finished moving off of Windows XP, but don't take a break. You have just over four months until the end of Windows Server 2003

    Last year we were embroiled in a project to purge Windows XP from our companies, a project that a more than a few people reading this are still dealing with. One of the methods that I've suggested over the years was to move the apps that only worked on...
    Gabe Knuth on February 24, 2015 : 3 comments , 1,406 views
  • Hyper-V receives Red Hat certification

    If you run Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) as a guest OS on Hyper-V, you will be interested to know that Red Hat certifies Hyper-V as a supported hypervisor for running RHEL. The support services you get from Red Hat via your RHEL subscription are fully...
    Windows Virtualization Team Blog on February 23, 2015 : 0 comments , 219 views
  • Maximizing Use of vRealize Operations for Horizon 6.0: Newly Updated Deployment Guide

    By Cindy Heyer, Technical Writer, Technical Marketing, End-User Computing at VMware The newly updated Maximizing the Use of VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon 6.0 (formerly the VMware vCenter Operations for View Deployment Guide) is now available...
    VMware End User Computing on February 23, 2015 : 0 comments , 168 views
  • News of 23 February 2015

    Setup Citrix XenMobile 10 and Install and Configure Atlantis USX 2.2 Read More... Read More...
    Wilco van Bragt on February 23, 2015 : 0 comments , 169 views
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