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  • All 83 videos from BriForum 2014 have been released to the public!!

    Good news everyone! We've released the videos from both BriForum London and BriForum Boston last year. It's a yearly tradition for us, and it allows us to both promote BriForum and give back to the community that supports our site and the show. These...
    Gabe Knuth on April 02, 2015 : 0 comments , 281 views
  • Product release: Dell Wyse vWorkspace for Parallels Automation

    Good day, It is my pleasure to announce the release of Wyse vWorkspace for Parallels Automation . As of today, the software will be available for download and is supported worldwide. Parallels Automation (PA) (now named Odin Service Automation) is a sophisticated...
    The Official Quest Software Desktop Virtualization Group Blog on April 01, 2015 : 0 comments , 41 views
  • PVS Resource Usage Part 3

    In this article series I will go into detail about resource usage of PVS servers. In the first part I described the theory values Citrix is using/advising for the components CPU, Memory, Disk and Network. The article series continued with taking a look...
    Wilco van Bragt on April 01, 2015 : 0 comments , 32 views
  • Moka5 has apparently shutdown and ceased operations. Here's what we know.

    (Despite posting this on April 1st, this is not an April Fool's joke.) It appears that last Friday Moka5 laid off a majority (or perhaps all?) of their employees and they have since ceased operations. This information is based on emails from two employees...
    Brian Madden on April 01, 2015 : 6 comments , 3,857 views
  • Instant Gratification for the Always-On College World with Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

    If college students had a mantra, I bet it’d be something along the lines of that Queen song: “I want it all and I want it now!” Students are used to instant, 24×7 access to social media, gaming, music and more in their personal lives. It’s no surprise...
    VMware End User Computing on March 31, 2015 : 0 comments , 39 views
  • News of 31 March 2015

    XenDesktop 7.6 FP1 released and Generate App-V Package documentation Read More... Read More...
    Wilco van Bragt on March 31, 2015 : 0 comments , 46 views
  • User Experience Management Podcast with Kevin Cooke from Liquidware Labs – March 31, 2015 – DABCC Radio Episode #230

    In episode 230, Douglas Brown interviews Kevin Cooke, Director of Product Marketing and Management at Liquidware Labs. Kevin and Douglas discuss the Liquidware Labs' Stratusphere solution for managing and monitoring... Visit for more...
    Douglas Brown - Radio on March 31, 2015 : 0 comments , 29 views
  • Podcast #66: Desktop virt legend Ron Oglesby

    This week, Ron Oglesby joined us on the podcast. This is the second of our new style of podcasts that began last week with Jarian Gibson . The plan is that we'll have as many weekly podcasts as we can with notable people in the industry...
    Brian & Gabe LIVE on March 30, 2015 : 0 comments , 1,288 views
  • VMware Supports Next Generation of Global Leaders With Socialcast

    By Bob Schultz, chief strategy lead, End-User Computing, VMware Last week, I found myself shaking hands with His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles. The question everyone has been asking me since is: How did that happen? It all started...
    VMware End User Computing on March 30, 2015 : 0 comments , 39 views
  • Six New Horizon 6 Innovations: New On-Demand Webcast

    Forget the adage that good things come in threes. Good things definitely come in sixes when it comes to Horizon 6 and its six new advancements. You may remember that last year VMware announced Horizon 6 with RDS and full support for remote apps. This...
    VMware End User Computing on March 30, 2015 : 0 comments , 52 views
  • Microsoft needs to allow other EMM vendors to manage the Office mobile apps

    It’s great that the Microsoft Office mobile apps are available all over the place, but Microsoft needs to go one step farther and allow other enterprise mobility management vendors to manage the apps. When I say all over the place, I mean it. Almost...
    Jack Madden on March 30, 2015 : 2 comments , 2,503 views
  • News of 27 March 2015

    Setting up a secure XenApp environment and Create a Hybrid RemoteApp collection. Read More... Read More...
    Wilco van Bragt on March 27, 2015 : 0 comments , 40 views
  • BriForum Behind-the-Scenes: Choosing Sessions

    In Part 1, I wrote about the Call for Papers process , which starts with opening a survey around the first of the year and ends with scrubbing the list of responses for people that didn’t follow the rules. In Part 2, we’ll talk about how we...
    Gabe Knuth on March 27, 2015 : 0 comments , 978 views
  • Announcing RemoteApp availability in Australia

    My name is Nihar Namjoshi from the Remote Desktop team. We made Azure RemoteApp generally available across thirteen Azure regions worldwide in December 2014. The response has been terrific in the regions we launched in, but we heard from customers that...
    Terminal Services Team Blog on March 26, 2015 : 0 comments , 40 views
  • Workspot, previously mobile-only, releases a desktop client. A challenge to Citrix & VMware?

    Yesterday Workspot announced an upgrade to their “Workspace as a Service” offering which includes using RDP to deliver Windows apps to Windows clients . Previously Workspot only had iOS and Android clients, so we put them in the “mobile...
    Brian Madden on March 26, 2015 : 9 comments , 4,130 views
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