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  • After mobile app management, the next step for BYOD can be split phone numbers and split billing

    While BYOD always gets a lot of attention, lately two specific related trends have come to the fore: having separate work and personal phone numbers routed to a single mobile device, and more options for split working and personal billing. Neither of...
    Jack Madden on January 27, 2015 : 0 comments , 466 views
  • Remote Desktop for iOS v8.1.6 is now available on the Apple App Store

    My name is Livi Erickson, and I am a Program Manager on the Remote Desktop team. Today, we’re excited to announce that Remote Desktop for iOS 8.1.6 update is now available for download on the Apple App Store . This update contains a number of bug fixes...
    Terminal Services Team Blog on January 26, 2015 : 0 comments , 37 views
  • Wyse WSM 7: Application Virtualization with Layering

    Wyse WSM (or Wyse Streaming Manager) delivers a Client Hosted Virtual Desktop from the cloud, providing a full-blown PC experience for users who need to run specialized or non-published applications and peripherals that don’t adapt well to VDI....
    The Official Quest Software Desktop Virtualization Group Blog on January 26, 2015 : 0 comments , 54 views
  • Microsoft kills Windows RT. "This is a huge mistake!" says no one.

    One of the best announcements from Microsoft’s Windows 10 event last week as that they’re killing Windows RT. There are no words to describe how happy I am about this. (Actually, there are lots of words to describe it, such as my 2013 article...
    Brian Madden on January 26, 2015 : 2 comments , 2,553 views
  • New VMware End-User Computing Channel on YouTube – Subscribe Today!

    Here at VMware, we believe users should have one place to securely access all the applications, files, social tools and online services they need. This is why we’ve built one of the broadest technology platforms that bridges the entire end-user computing...
    VMware End User Computing on January 22, 2015 : 0 comments , 111 views
  • Turning Splunk into a Systems Management Tool

    Despite its great power, Splunk is relatively static with regards to the data it processes. You cannot instruct it to simply run a script on all endpoints and index the results. The app HK Systems Management changes that. It turns Splunk into a kind of...
    Helge Klein on January 22, 2015 : 0 comments , 134 views
  • How to package Internet Explorer 8

    I’m getting more and more requests to package IE8 so I think it is about time to write a blog post on how to do it.. According to our Internet Explorer support statement ( packaged IE8 is supported by us and works on most platforms. The procedure I’m about to explain creates a package that […] Read More...
    VMware ThinApp on January 22, 2015 : 0 comments , 109 views
  • How to Get In-Guest Metrics in vRealize Operations for Horizon 6

    By Jim Yanik, End-User Computing Architect, VMware When I was a child, I used to go camping at the Delaware Water Gap (some of you are heading for Wikipedia right now), and there were many caves that were super-tempting for an 11-year-old boy to explore...
    VMware End User Computing on January 22, 2015 : 0 comments , 122 views
  • Microsoft's universal apps + VDI/VMI = useful "Windows" apps on iPhones & iPads. Huge opportunity for Citrix & VMware!

    Yesterday Microsoft had a big Windows 10 event where they announced all sorts of things, including their vision for Windows 10’s “universal apps.” The concept of universal Windows apps has been around for a long time (I feel like we’ve...
    Brian Madden on January 22, 2015 : 6 comments , 4,204 views
  • Product Release: Wyse vWorkspace Connector for Mac OS X version 8.5

    Good day, We just released version 8.5 of the vWorkspace Connector for Mac OS X. The Connector for Mac is desktop virtualization client software that enables you to access Windows and Linux based desktops, applications and data from your Mac anytime....
    The Official Quest Software Desktop Virtualization Group Blog on January 21, 2015 : 0 comments , 111 views
  • CONFIG.XML Deciphered

    This is an updated edit to a previous post from some time ago to raise its awareness of this great feature again. In previous posts we had talked about how you could configure the Wyse vWorkpspace client to automatically get configured. The actual configuration...
    The Official Quest Software Desktop Virtualization Group Blog on January 21, 2015 : 0 comments , 132 views
  • Auto-configuration of Provision Networks Clients

    One common question to our Technical Support Engineers is how do I auto-configure clients that are not logging on via Web-IT (the vWorkspace Secure Web Portal). Stephen Yorke from our Technical Support Department was kind enough to share the following...
    The Official Quest Software Desktop Virtualization Group Blog on January 21, 2015 : 0 comments , 141 views
  • I like IoT, but does it have anything to do with Citrix and End User Computing? Maybe. Maybe not.

    IoT has been building up a head of steam lately, and depending on which company you’re listening to it sounds like it could be the next big thing. I’m talking about “virtualization” and “cloud” levels of buzzworthiness...
    Gabe Knuth on January 21, 2015 : 3 comments , 2,683 views
  • Microsoft just released a “Work Folders” client for iPad. Is there a niche for this?

    Last Friday Microsoft released a Work Folders file syncing client for iPad . Work Folders is fairly limited compared to the array of enterprise file sync and share products available these days, but despite that it has some redeeming qualities that could...
    Jack Madden on January 20, 2015 : 4 comments , 2,454 views
  • Using ThinApp Virtual Applications in VMware Mirage App Layers

    By Stephane Asselin, Senior End-User-Computing Architect, Technical Enablement, End-User Computing, VMware As you all know, VMware ThinApp has been the leading application virtualization solution since 2008. ThinApp is great for application virtualization...
    VMware End User Computing on January 19, 2015 : 0 comments , 219 views
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