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  • Safely Expanding Access to Applications

    Guest blog by Lori Mac Vittie, Senior Product Manager, Emerging Technologies #F5, #VMwareCloud and #Horizon6 are forcing us to think about access to what matters: applications. The industry often talks about how the data center perimeter is expanding...
    VMware End User Computing on April 18, 2014 : 0 comments , 0 views
  • Unidesk Brings Enhanced VDI Management to Horizon 6

    Guest blog by Tom Rose, Chief Marketing Officer, Unidesk Corporation Was it a coincidence that a new version of Unidesk was announced the same day as VMware Horizon 6? Or course not! Over 600 customers are using VMware Horizon with Unidesk, making us...
    VMware End User Computing on April 18, 2014 : 0 comments , 16 views
  • Delivering the Best Computing Platform for VMware Horizon 6

    Guest Blog by Jim McHugh, Vice President, Marketing, Cisco Unified Computing System Last week’s announcement at VMware highlights the continued innovation seen in the end-user computing space, and how important our virtualized or remoted desktop and application...
    VMware End User Computing on April 18, 2014 : 0 comments , 22 views
  • All the major software vendors are doing EMM now. Who will the winners and losers be?

    Over the last year, we’ve seen many of the largest software vendors move into enterprise mobility management, so naturally we’re all wondering how this will all shake out. Will EMM be an add-on product, with each solution pinned to the success...
    Jack Madden on April 18, 2014 : 0 comments , 995 views
  • The Speed of Life at the Scale of Enterprise

    Guest blog By Andy Fenselau, EMC XtremIO It’s all about the user experience. From its early days, IT has been all about keeping users happy. And now, more than ever, IT has to show its value to users—especially for desktop virtualization. “Users” are...
    VMware End User Computing on April 17, 2014 : 0 comments , 61 views
  • News of 17 April 2014

    Horizon View Event Notifier, PVS vs MCS and EdgeSigth 5.4 missing features in XA/XD 7.x Read more... Read More...
    Wilco van Bragt on April 17, 2014 : 0 comments , 31 views
  • Imagine subscribing to locally-hosted cloud desktops. On-premises DaaS could be a real thing! Here's how:

    Of all the downsides of challenges of DaaS that we wrote about in our book , the most common theme throughout was trust. Trust in the provider, trust in the platform, trusting something that isn’t in your walls, the list of trust issues goes on...
    Gabe Knuth on April 17, 2014 : 3 comments , 1,674 views
  • VMware Horizon 6, Virtual SAN and Atlantis ILIO: The Convergence of Desktop Virtualization and Software-Defined Storage

    Guest blog by Seth Knox, VP Products, Atlantis Computing With the release of VMware Horizon 6, VMware is delivering a unified platform for desktop and application virtualization that leverages the power and flexibility of the software-defined data center...
    VMware End User Computing on April 16, 2014 : 0 comments , 69 views
  • Error Connecting to C$: Device Attached to the System is not Functioning

    When I tried to connect to the administrative file share C$ on my wife’s computer I got the error A device attached to the system is not functioning. The other way round worked without a hitch, i.e. I could access my laptop’s C$ share from...
    Helge Klein on April 16, 2014 : 0 comments , 44 views
  • News of 16 April 2014

    Upcoming XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x enhancements, App-V User Group 2014 Videos and Microsoft successful in the cloud. Read more... Read More...
    Wilco van Bragt on April 16, 2014 : 0 comments , 38 views
  • Here’s everything you need to know about the new Windows Phone 8.1 MDM updates. (This time it’s *really* an enterprise phone!)

    Microsoft recently revealed Windows Phone 8.1 at Build 2014 in San Francisco. While a lot of people were excited about Cortana and universal Windows apps, naturally I was most excited to dig into all the mobile device management updates. The verdict?...
    Jack Madden on April 16, 2014 : 0 comments , 3,617 views
  • VMware Horizon and Trend Micro team up for secure, agile end-user computing

    Guest blog by David Silverberg, Global Alliances Director, Trend Micro In today’s high pressure, ultra-competitive business environment, organisations are demanding smarter, more mobile ways of working. Gone are the days of monolithic Windows desktop...
    VMware End User Computing on April 15, 2014 : 0 comments , 71 views
  • Horizon 6.0 – Introducing Virtual SAN Integration

    By Narasimha Krishnakumar, Director, Product Management, End-User Computing, VMware On behalf of everyone on the End-User Computing (EUC) team at VMware, I’m proud to bring you another exciting product announcement from EUC. View 5.3.1 was introduced...
    VMware End User Computing on April 15, 2014 : 0 comments , 67 views
  • Building VDI Solutions to Meet Heightened Customer Expectations

    Guest blog by Patric Chang, Sr. Director Global Alliances, Fusion-io In the new VDI world, customer expectations have progressed from robust, snappy virtual desktops to having ready access to corporate and personal applications, using multiple rich media...
    VMware End User Computing on April 15, 2014 : 0 comments , 79 views
  • Moka5 Suite 4.0 is out, now with WiFi controls in-guest, Mac malware detection, and way higher scalability

    Today, Moka5 is releasing version 4 of their suite, and while it’s not the huge splash we’ve grown accustomed to (us bloggers have been spoiled the last few months), it was good to get an update on what they’ve been doing. It’s...
    Gabe Knuth on April 15, 2014 : 0 comments , 1,588 views
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