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  • News of 30 January 2015

    VMware to acquire Immidio and Citrix eliminates VDI-in-a-Box Read More... Read More...
    Wilco van Bragt on January 30, 2015 : 0 comments , 39 views
  • Upcoming uberAgent Webinars in English and German

    uberAgent is the perfect monitoring and analysis tool for virtualized and physical Windows workloads. In a nutshell it tells you what is going on and why things are slow. Seeing is Believing There are a number of easy ways to see what uberAgent can do...
    Helge Klein on January 29, 2015 : 0 comments , 76 views
  • News of 29 January 2015

    NetScaler VPX performance, Deploy Worx Windows Phone, Install/Configuration XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6 and NVIDIA vGPU Deep Dive. Read More... Read More...
    Wilco van Bragt on January 29, 2015 : 0 comments , 90 views
  • Cloud-hosted Exchange with RDSH/VDI Outlook is a performance nightmare. Are there any solutions?

    I got an email the other day from a guy who works for a large North American financial institution asking whether I knew of any customer who has successfully implemented Outlook in the cloud with VDI. I don’t, so I figured I’d post the story...
    Brian Madden on January 29, 2015 : 11 comments , 2,932 views
  • Windows Keyboard Mapping with SharpKeys

    Or: Getting rid of Caps Lock & creating the missing context menu key I like my current laptop, a Lenovo W540, but details of the keyboard layout really deteriorate the user exeperience (not to mention the horrible trackpad – I can only recommend...
    Helge Klein on January 28, 2015 : 0 comments , 120 views
  • Positive buzz around Windows 10 and increasing device sales? Windows' future might not just be "safe," but "positive."

    There’s so much buzz surrounding Windows 10 right now that I think Microsoft is even having a hard time containing itself. If you think I’m wrong, check out –there’s nary a mention of Windows 8 or a picture...
    Gabe Knuth on January 28, 2015 : 1 comments , 1,404 views
  • VMware App Volumes and VMware ThinApp Combined: The Perfect Mix

    By Gina Daly, Technical Writer for Technical Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware Since the general availability of VMware App Volumes (formerly known as CloudVolumes), you have probably read about the many benefits that App Volumes can bring to your...
    VMware End User Computing on January 27, 2015 : 0 comments , 59 views
  • News of 27 January 2015

    PVS with NVIDIA vGPU available and MCS on vSphere 5 best practices. Read More... Read More...
    Wilco van Bragt on January 27, 2015 : 0 comments , 35 views
  • After mobile app management, the next step for BYOD can be split phone numbers and split billing

    While BYOD always gets a lot of attention, lately two specific related trends have come to the fore: having separate work and personal phone numbers routed to a single mobile device, and more options for split working and personal billing. Neither of...
    Jack Madden on January 27, 2015 : 1 comments , 2,273 views
  • Remote Desktop for iOS v8.1.6 is now available on the Apple App Store

    My name is Livi Erickson, and I am a Program Manager on the Remote Desktop team. Today, we’re excited to announce that Remote Desktop for iOS 8.1.6 update is now available for download on the Apple App Store . This update contains a number of bug fixes...
    Terminal Services Team Blog on January 26, 2015 : 0 comments , 71 views
  • Wyse WSM 7: Application Virtualization with Layering

    Wyse WSM (or Wyse Streaming Manager) delivers a Client Hosted Virtual Desktop from the cloud, providing a full-blown PC experience for users who need to run specialized or non-published applications and peripherals that don’t adapt well to VDI....
    The Official Quest Software Desktop Virtualization Group Blog on January 26, 2015 : 0 comments , 93 views
  • Microsoft kills Windows RT. "This is a huge mistake!" says no one.

    One of the best announcements from Microsoft’s Windows 10 event last week as that they’re killing Windows RT. There are no words to describe how happy I am about this. (Actually, there are lots of words to describe it, such as my 2013 article...
    Brian Madden on January 26, 2015 : 3 comments , 3,838 views
  • News of 23 January 2015

    Microsoft Azure RemoteApp Part 2 and Appsense versus RES Read More... Read More...
    Wilco van Bragt on January 23, 2015 : 0 comments , 34 views
  • News of 22 January 2015

    Impact of regular CPU spikes and troubleshooting vGPU on XenServer Read More... Read More...
    Wilco van Bragt on January 22, 2015 : 0 comments , 32 views
  • New VMware End-User Computing Channel on YouTube – Subscribe Today!

    Here at VMware, we believe users should have one place to securely access all the applications, files, social tools and online services they need. This is why we’ve built one of the broadest technology platforms that bridges the entire end-user computing...
    VMware End User Computing on January 22, 2015 : 0 comments , 117 views
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