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Syndicated Industry Blogs from around the Web -

March 2012 -

  • The new VUEM is commmmiiiinnnnnggggggggg

    The new VUEM is commmmiiiinnnnnggggggggg…. v.1.6 is almost there and it is time to give you all fanboys a little taster of what’s in the box. VUEM is best defined as a “No-nonsense yet Entreprise grade UEM solution” We bring you everything you expect from a top notch UEM solution: implemented in a few hours… not weeks …not months… no need for a PhD or super...
    Published Mar 13 2012 by , 1,023 views, 0 comments
  • Agree with Bahloo on bare necessities? VUEM 1.6 brings it to Workspace management

    Life can be soooo good. Why make it complicated when things can be simple and inexpensive? Okay all together, we are doing the same in our VirtuAll office while preparing for v1.6 release (yes… Pierre has put a bit of weight lately): That was good. Now, here is a second feature update to keep you waiting. As mentioned in our previous post , a lot of new features are making...
    Published Mar 23 2012 by , 828 views, 0 comments
  • VUEM V1.6 Enterprise and Community version are now available!

    Today is THE day when VUEM v1.6 has been made generally available to the world in awe. Download it now to get tons of new features and improvements: LINK There is a lot to say for this major release so read further to learn what VUEM is about or jump directly to watch a quick demo / click here for the feature list. For those who don’t know us yet, VUEM is a no non-sense enterprise grade User...
    Published Mar 30 2012 by , 812 views, 0 comments