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  • Microsoft Removes 'RDP over HTTPS' Proxy from R2

    Microsoft announced today that they will not be including the "RDP over HTTPS" functionality in the "R2" release of Windows Server 2003. Instead, it will be delayed until Longhorn. This would have been a direct competitor to Citrix's Secure Gateway product, so this is good news for Citrix and other SSL VPN vendors....
    Published Oct 18 2004 by Brian Madden , 15,124 views, 9 comments
  • A Look at the New Features of Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 4

    Citrix has just made the Tech Preview of MetaFrame Presentation Server 4.0 available. Which features made it in to the newest version of Citrix's flagship product?...
    Published Oct 12 2004 by Brian Madden , 17,293 views, 19 comments
  • Citrix Previews Future Technologies

    Citrix spent a lot of time talking about future technologies at this year's iForum, including ICA features, printing, 64-bit support, and more virtualization. In this article, I'll provide an overview of each of the new technologies....
    Published Oct 08 2004 by Brian Madden , 15,322 views, 19 comments
  • Citrix Rebuilds Printing from Scratch for the next MetaFrame

    Citrix has decided to rebuild the MetaFrame Presentation Server printing engine from scratch for the next version of the product. The new version will use EMF-based printing instead of the current PCL driver-based solution....
    Published Oct 06 2004 by Brian Madden , 16,913 views, 29 comments
  • Cirix iForum 2004 Definitely NOT a 'Yawner,' MPS 4 Around the Corner

    Over the past few weeks, I have predicted that Citrix iForum 2004 would be a bit of a yawner and that no major announcements would be made. As it turns out, I couldn't have been more wrong! From what I can tell now, this is going to be one of the best iForums ever....
    Published Oct 04 2004 by Brian Madden , 9,197 views, 13 comments
  • New "Insider" Citrix Website Claims to know Citrix's Plans

    A new website called CitrixSucks.net popped up last week. Ordinarily this would be no big deal. However, the editors of that site are making some pretty bold claims about Citrix's iForum plans. If these claims come true, this will certainly be a site to watch. (until Citrix takes them down!)...
    Published Oct 04 2004 by Brian Madden , 8,761 views, 15 comments
  • Citrix Licenses Performance Technology from RTO and Aurema!

    Citrix announced that they are licensing memory optimization technology from RTO Software and CPU management technology from Aurema. Both of these products allow customers to get more users on their servers, and they'll both be built into future versions of MetaFrame....
    Published Oct 04 2004 by Brian Madden , 10,316 views, 28 comments
  • What I hope to hear at iForum

    Citrix iForum kicks off tomorrow. I have historically focused on a lot of different things about Citrix, but I've never really pulled it all together. I'd like to take a moment to give my overall view of Citrix and what I hope to hear from them these next few days....
    Published Oct 03 2004 by Brian Madden , 10,295 views, 1 comment
  • What would you ask Citrix executives?

    The Citrix iForum 2004 Global event is taking place next week at the Walt Disney World Dolphin and Swan resort. I'll be attending and providing live coverage of the event, and I'll have a chance to talk to many of the Citrix executives. What questions should I ask them?...
    Published Sep 29 2004 by Brian Madden , 9,534 views, 14 comments
  • PubForum 2004 Munich: Event Notes and Summary

    I've just returned from PubForum in Munich. It was a fantastic event, and I learned a lot. This article is my summary of the event and a quick overview of the new things I learned....
    Published Sep 27 2004 by Brian Madden , 9,868 views, 5 comments