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  • Enough with the Webex lawsuit already!

    By now you've most likely read in the "other" tech press that Webex is suing Citrix for cybersquatting. I personally think that while true, this story is way overblown and it's probably a result of a single rambunctious employee at Citrix, and it's not really the fault of Citrix "the company."...
    Published Feb 06 2005 by Brian Madden , 13,800 views, 5 comments
  • Citrix Releases its first Hardware Device

    Citrix officially entered the hardware market on Tuesday by releasing a Citrix Access Gateway appliance. This 1U silver and red box provides secure remote access to all sorts of applications....
    Published Feb 02 2005 by Brian Madden , 13,009 views, 15 comments
  • Terminal Server with 8 CPUs and 8GB RAM: How does it scale?

    The folks at visionapp in Germany just published a fantastic paper detailing both the method and results of doing scalability testing for Terminal Server on large hardware. They tested Windows 2000 and 2003, with HyperThreading enabled and disabled. Even if your servers aren't this big, you can use their methodology to perform scalability testing in your own environment....
    Published Jan 25 2005 by Brian Madden , 14,203 views, 10 comments
  • BriForum 2005 conference site launched, breakout session details posted

    By now most people have heard that we're putting together an independent Citrix and Terminal Server technical conference called "BriForum" that will be held April 11-12, 2005 in Washington DC. I'm proud to annouce that we've just launched the official website, complete with speaker bios and session details....
    Published Jan 05 2005 by Brian Madden , 10,100 views, 4 comments
  • 2004, Quantified

    In addition to the visible work I did in 2004 (writing, teaching, and speaking), did you know that I spent 10,145 minutes on my mobile phone, 22 weeks on the road, and received 350,000 spam emails? Read on for more of my 2004 stats......
    Published Dec 31 2004 by Brian Madden , 12,722 views, 6 comments
  • Terminal Server and Citrix MetaFrame Network Performance Troubleshooting (Part 2 of 2)

    This is the second part of my comprehensive guide to troubleshooting network performance issues in Terminal Server and Citrix MetaFrame environments. Today's article starts with how you can build a test lab for this task and then proceeds step-by-step through the actions you can take to address each networking issue....
    Published Dec 22 2004 by Brian Madden , 45,332 views, 9 comments
  • Updated: Citrix and Microsoft Renew their Licensing Deal

    Citrix and Microsoft announced today that they're renewing their cross-licensing agreement for another five years. While the press release contained all the required buzzwords, the essence of this deal means that Citrix won't have to worry about negotiating with Microsoft again until 2009....
    Published Dec 21 2004 by Brian Madden , 10,790 views, 16 comments
  • Terminal Server and Citrix MetaFrame Network Performance Troubleshooting (Part 1 of 2)

    I've spent a lot of time over the years writing about Terminal Server and Citrix Server performance tuning, but I've pretty much ignored the network side of things. However, the reality of the real world is that it's often the network that causes poor performance in server-based computing environments. To that end, I've spent the past few months compiling this paper which is going to be about 20 pages when I'm done. Here's part one....
    Published Dec 20 2004 by Brian Madden , 71,031 views, 23 comments
  • Looks like I won the Citrix trademark usage fight!

    About a year ago I lost a battle with Citrix over whether I was allowed to place ads on Google based on Citrix's trademarks. A judge in a similar court case ruled today that "as a matter of law it is not trademark infringement to use trademarks as keywords to trigger advertising," and it looks like Google is now letting ads be linked to keywords such as "Citrix" and "MetaFrame" again....
    Published Dec 15 2004 by Brian Madden , 13,432 views, 2 comments
  • How do you deal with the loss of a single member server?

    I've started wondering how most people handle recovery from a loss of a single Citrix MetaFrame or Terminal Server in their production environments. Do they rebuild from sratch? Restore from tape? Reimage? Break a mirror? There are so many options. What do you do?...
    Published Dec 15 2004 by Brian Madden , 12,158 views, 29 comments