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  • Looking for USB cable

    I dropped my usb cable for my camera someplace in the theater. If you found it please find me or give it to someone on the briforum staff...I really need it to upload more great pictures... In the meantime if anyone has one to loan me for a while (small...
    Published Apr 11 2005 by Brian Madden , 5,553 views, 0 comments
  • More pictures

    Posted at: http://thethin.net/DotNetNuke/BriforumDay1/tabid/56/Default.aspx Jim Kenzig http://thin.net
    Published Apr 11 2005 by Brian Madden , 5,908 views, 0 comments
  • Beginnings

    The marquee is rolling at the AFI theatre announcing the event of the century. Briforum 2005. As the doors opened and attendees poured in the day was off. We are 45 minutes away from the opening keynote. Coffee is flowing and the theater looks awesome...
    Published Apr 11 2005 by Brian Madden , 5,338 views, 0 comments
  • It's 3:45am and my day is just beginning. What are you doing right now?

    The alarm clock just went off to wake me up, although it's not really necessary since I wasn't able to sleep anyway. I'll take a quick shower and review a few of the days details. Emily and Nicole will be over at my house at 4:45, and we'll...
    Published Apr 10 2005 by Brian Madden , 5,835 views, 0 comments
  • BriForum 2005 is going on now!

    After 14 months of planning, BriForum 2005 has finally arrived. 2 days, 19 world-renowned speakers, 34 breakout sessions, 255 attendees from 20 countries. Follow the action live on BriForum.com....
    Published Apr 10 2005 by Brian Madden , 9,259 views, 15 comments
  • Jetlag and a couple of surprises ...

    We are two guys from Norway on tour to Washington and BriForum, and we have had a wonderful sunday in the city. temperature above 70, beautiful, sunny weather and we are a bit sunburned. We came to USA yesterday, and are still suffering a bit from jetlag...
    Published Apr 10 2005 by Brian Madden , 5,502 views, 0 comments
  • Sunday the Speakers converge on Washington

    Well my day started bright and early with a 10 am Flight from Cleveland where the temp was in the 40's and the trees and shrubs still have no leaves on them. Not to mention we had 6 to 12 inches of snow just last week I flew into a DC national (and...
    Published Apr 10 2005 by Brian Madden , 5,770 views, 0 comments
  • Final Preparations for BriForum

    After over a year of planning, BriForum 2005 is almost here. We've rented a moving van, bought hundreds of bottles of water and cans of soda, and have a room full of thin client terminals, computers, and conference guides. I'm really excited about...
    Published Apr 07 2005 by Brian Madden , 5,713 views, 0 comments
  • Tony Marzulli Leaves Citrix

    There have been rumors that Citrix's SVP of Marketing would leave the company at the end of March. While Citrix did not respond to questions asking whether this was true, Marzulli's bio was removed from the Citrix Leadership page last night, indicating that he is no longer with the company....
    Published Apr 01 2005 by Brian Madden , 10,446 views, 11 comments
  • Finally! Free tool lets you managed multiple Program Neighborhood Agent identities

    Citrix's Program Neighborhood Agent is a great way to access MetaFrame farms. Unfortunately it can only communicate with a single environment at a time--a problem for people who travel among locations or customers. Gus Pinto has written a free PN Agent Profile Manager that streamlines this process....
    Published Mar 24 2005 by Brian Madden , 20,016 views, 56 comments