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  • Flex Profile Kit 4.0 is now available! (And it's still free!)

    Jeroen van de Kamp's Flex Profile Kit is hands-down the most useful free utility for Terminal Server and Citrix environments. The all-new version 4 builds upon the previous version and adds many new features....
    Published Mar 04 2005 by Brian Madden , 50,365 views, 15 comments
  • Help Shape the Future of MetaFrame: Intense Graphics and Profile Management

    The Citrix product group is looking for your input as to what they need to focus on in the areas of profile management and support for graphics-intense applications (CAD, Imaging, etc.) ...
    Published Feb 25 2005 by Brian Madden , 10,234 views, 3 comments
  • New Brian Madden and BriForum Logos

    We've been working with a company called threespot media to create new logos for the Brian Madden Company and our BriForum event. The new logos are now ready and are now online....
    Published Feb 18 2005 by Brian Madden , 11,927 views, 0 comments
  • Important: Hide your Web Interface / NFuse servers from search engines

    It's been a year since Thomas Koetzing originally recommended that people take steps to ensure that their WI / NFuse servers are not indexed by search engines, but it seems that there are still hundreds of them out there advertising themselves to potental attackers. Please take 60 seconds and implement this important step....
    Published Feb 15 2005 by Brian Madden , 13,356 views, 14 comments
  • Will someone please sell me a Citrix Access Gateway?

    I wrote about Citrix's new hardware appliances, the Citrix Access Gateway, a few days ago. I think these devices are really cool and I'd love to use one internally to secure the remote access to my own systems for our employees. The problem is, I can't seem to get me hands on one of these things!...
    Published Feb 11 2005 by Brian Madden , 12,273 views, 18 comments
  • Understanding Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 Licensing Port Usage

    MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0 servers must communicate with license servers, and this communication requires certain TCP ports. In this quick article, we'll look at which ports are used (and why), and how you can change them to fit your environment....
    Published Feb 10 2005 by Brian Madden , 27,059 views, 9 comments
  • How do MetaFrame Access Suite version 3 and newer license files work?

    By now most people are familiar with the basics of MetaFrame Access Suite version 3 licensing, the core tenet being that you download license files from Citrix and put them on your license servers. But what exactly are these license files and how do they work?...
    Published Feb 09 2005 by Brian Madden , 15,896 views, 4 comments
  • Enough with the Webex lawsuit already!

    By now you've most likely read in the "other" tech press that Webex is suing Citrix for cybersquatting. I personally think that while true, this story is way overblown and it's probably a result of a single rambunctious employee at Citrix, and it's not really the fault of Citrix "the company."...
    Published Feb 06 2005 by Brian Madden , 13,902 views, 5 comments
  • Citrix Releases its first Hardware Device

    Citrix officially entered the hardware market on Tuesday by releasing a Citrix Access Gateway appliance. This 1U silver and red box provides secure remote access to all sorts of applications....
    Published Feb 02 2005 by Brian Madden , 13,078 views, 15 comments
  • Terminal Server with 8 CPUs and 8GB RAM: How does it scale?

    The folks at visionapp in Germany just published a fantastic paper detailing both the method and results of doing scalability testing for Terminal Server on large hardware. They tested Windows 2000 and 2003, with HyperThreading enabled and disabled. Even if your servers aren't this big, you can use their methodology to perform scalability testing in your own environment....
    Published Jan 25 2005 by Brian Madden , 14,269 views, 10 comments